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So stoked! Happy Ramzan. Right when I am writing this post, it’s 38 degrees in Karachi and it is expected to increase in the next few days, so I hope the rozay in the coming week turn out easy on us!

Like every year, this time also I and my baby sister Farah planned Aftar meal after much consideration (yes we had been quite idle lately) which would include some of the items that we would make frequently throughout the month. Farah is an amazing cook and loves making new snacks so she will be doing most of the cooking work. As for me, I am always ready to give ideas and make desserts. I am sharing my Ramzan food roundup here with recipe links so you can also try them at home.

Date Shake


One of my favorite Ramza drinks which I made regularly last year. This is a power-packed shake perfect for Aftar and a great way to add dates to your diet if you don’t like taking them otherwise. I just make sure to keep snacks lighter whenever I make this creamy shake because it’s quite enriching already. You can see the recipe here.

My secret ingredient: I also like adding a pinch of cinnamon powder to this shake, so try it if you are also fond of the flavor.

Cheese Balls


This one is as essential as pakoray during Ramzan. We have got our stash of mozzarella cheese ready and batter takes just 15 minutes to make. It’s a quick snack especially if your schedule is going to be super hectic in Ramzan. Here is the recipe.


You must also be following Food Fusion on Facebook. Let’s just say this facebook page has turned a lazy, ridiculously cooking illiterate like me into a rather sughar larki. I and Farah keep hunting Food fusion for new, unique, and easy recipes so we stumbled upon Kababnum which is a rendition of a magnum styled stick but made of kabab and bread. I am going to make it tomorrow!  Check it here

Onion Rings

We make them so frequently that we get sick of even the name of Onion Rings for the rest of the year. Good news, it’s just the beginning! I follow this simple recipe to make Onion rings.

Imli, Green, and Red Chatni


Okay, these are Ammi’s specialties and she makes sure all these chatnis are ready before Ramzan to save time. Imli chatni tastes best wit pakoray, green chat couples well with rice dishes and red chatni compliments chana chaat and cholay. So, we got our stash of chutney ready too!

I know you are fasting, and I never wanted this post to tempt you–Oh but I did! Before that we have more gluttonous thoughts, let’s wrap it up! Share your Rramzan meal mains and let me know if there is anything special or regular that you make every year besides pakoray.

Have a blessed first roza! See you with the next post.






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