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Caution: Don’t read this post while you’re fasting.

It’s just the beginning of this blessed month, and Ramzan deals are already here! With a lot many restaurants offering some of the best deals at affordable rates, you can ffulfillyour desire of dining out at iftar and suhoor easily. To help you decide better, here is a quick round up of the best aftaar deals you can get in Karachi.


Peri-peri – my favorite item on their menu! Well, let’s just not talk about me.

This year Nando’s has got some great iftar deals. Starting from Rs 750 per head (excluding GST), their iftar deals are for two to eight people at different rates. Not that you cannot dine in alone, but its always better to fast and feast together.


Ginsoy offers a whopping 30 percent off on their entire menu! This is some serious discounted deal for Chinese fans, so you better dig into some dragon chicken as the offer is valid till 15th Ramzan.


This is especially for all those “shop till you drop” peeps who lose track of time while scouring the malls and have no choice but to have aftaar at the food court.

HakkaChine is the perfect choice for breaking your fast when you’re shopping at Dolmen City. They offer Iftar Dinner Buffet at an affordable rate of Rs 1200 only. If you’re visiting in a group, every 4th person would eat for FREE! The deal doesn’t end here. Elders aged above 70 would be charged Rs 720 and so would be kids below 12 years.

Buon Cibo

Its already one of the most talked about restaurant nowadays that offers a mix of mouthwatering Italian, Mexican and Continental cuisines. Starting from 3rd Ramzan, they’re offering a 20 percent off from iftar till 9 pm every day.


Some of you might have at least one very formal fine dine aftaar with your family, so Movenpick is one of the places you can choose. Different restaurants at Movenpick offer different iftar deals. Kabab Ji’s iftar buffet is priced at Rs. 2375 + tax, Al Bustan Iftar Buffet costs Rs. 2295 + tax, whereas you can enjoy Iftar Platter at Fanoos and The Pakistani for only Rs. 925.

Al Bustan also offer Sehri Buffet priced at Rs. 1425 + tax.


Lals has two different deals this ramzan. If you’re dining at Dolmen Mall Clifton, you can enjoy their scrumptious iftar at Rs. 750 + tax. But their deal at Shahbaz, DHA is Rs. 1150 + tax per head. The difference is of course for the menu.


For now, Tao has introduced Ramzan deal for the first 10 days of ramzan only. I think, their deal for Rs 1450 is worth the quality you get there.

Del Frio

Their iftar buffet is for Rs 1195 and beside this you can have the ‘Divine Midnight Offer’ and get a Pizza or Sandwich FREE!

Rangoli – Arena

Rangoli’s deal is a treat for all buffet lovers! Offering iftar dinner buffet at Rs 1399 + tax, you can enjoy unlimited drinks, free games at Arena and even gift hampers. So, if you aren’t in the mood to eat those pakoray at home today, Rangoli should be your choice.


Steaks, sizzling chicken, enormous sandwiches – of course, we’re talking about Roasters. They’re offering iftar and dinner buffet at Rs. 1695 + tax, which I personally think is a bit overpriced. But, I would still visit them for their Taragon Chicken.

Ranoush Villa

Recently I have been hearing some raving reviews about Ranoush villa, but still, have to go and try if it’s really worth all the hype. Their popular red burger is one thing that I too would like to try. Ranoush’s ramzan deal starts from 5th of Ramzan where Iftar Dinner Buffet is offered at Rs 1199 + tax and for children between 4 and 8 years, the deal costs Rs. 899 + tax. That’s quite affordable.

Rosati Bistro

Known for its ambiance, location and environment, more than its food, Rosati is another great choice if you’re craving for an iftar dine out.

Iftar Dinner buffet is priced at Rs 1199 + tax for adults and Rs. 699 + tax for children aged 4 to 8 years. Not only does the restaurant offer aftaar, but sehri deal as well which is a good 50 percent off the entire menu from 12 am till Sehri. So, if you’re not the one who wakes up 5 minutes before Sehri, this sehri deal is meant for you.


Located next to Rosati Bistro at Shahra-e-Faisal, Chaupal offers Iftar Buffet at Rs 1399 + tax. Their sehri Buffet deal is priced at Rs 999 + tax for adults and Rs 594 + tax for children between 4 to 7 years of age.


If you are looking for healthy meal and snacks for aftaar, Necos should be your pick. Their iftar buffet is priced at Rs 2200 including tax.


Known for their makhni handi and kababs, Kababjees is a treat for all desi food lovers. Their iftar buffet dinner is priced at Rs. 1899. But, there’s a sad news if you’re a resident of Jauhar, Gulshan, Nazimabad and all other areas except DHA. Why? Because this deal is only being offered at Kababjees, Do Darya.

But, c’mon. You can travel the distance for the love of Malai Boti, kabab and of course juicy delectable mutton ribs! *Drools*

Daily Dubai

Their iftar buffet is quite reasonably priced at Rs. 1190 including tax so this is also a good option if you are looking for a desi aftaar buffet which is not heavy on the pocket.

Student Biryani

Honestly, this is what they call a “sasti and tikau” deal, that too for something as nationally dear as Biryani.

You basically get 4 different ramzan deals at Student Biryani. Starting from Rs. 250  for a single person (mind blown), you can even opt for family aftaar deal priced at Rs. 1950.

These were some of the incredible deals that have been offered this Ramzan. Have something to add to the list?

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