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Happy New Year!

Instead of New Year, New Me *Oh how sick this phrase makes me*, it’s New year, New brand on my blog!

I am sure you all must have partied, or simply binge watched serials (like I did) during the past two days. Any happy time for me is a large cup of tea, snacks, a movie, Mr Cheeku Cooper (my cat) by my side and warm sheets. So, when I received the invite of a winter movie night from PrettyLittleThings as part of their launch campaign, it sounded like a really cool idea. I attended this cozy, gossipy movie night last Friday and thought of sharing the details about the event and brand with you.

PrettyLittleThings is a new lingerie brand in Pakistan offering inner wear online. Their focus is to make the purchase of inner wear more informed and convenient by making the customers find their right size without much ordeal. The duo of the passionate cofounders Wajiha and Aabiya aim to crush the taboos associated with such an essential women’s wear. For that, the brand is developing a community of women who can voice the challenges they face while buying or wearing lingerie. Also, most of us have been wearing the wrong bra size our whole lives just because we are not sure how to best measure it and secondly because the brands hardly facilitate us in making the right choice.


PrettyLittleThings (PLT) is currently e-tailing international innerwear brands in different basic fabrics and funky, interesting designs. I will talk more about their designs, price, and fabric, but first have a look at this exclusive event they hosted for the bloggers and selective customers.

Girls Winter Movie night by PrettyLittleThings

PrettyLittleThings arranged a winter movie night for us at Cafe Orrery. Although we had to create the impression of cold by turning the ACs on *thanks to stubborn Karachi winters*, but the theme was set around festive winter, and celebration. The team decorated the movie room with fairy lights, cotton puffs *to give an impression of snow*, little lighting snowmen, and snowflakes.

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Wajiha and Aabiya briefed about their brand for a while and how they believe the lingerie market in Pakistan is going to grow in the future. We also talked about all the reasons why there is still too little awareness about innerwear among Pakistani women. After chatting a little, Wajiha finally played the movie ” Bridget Jones’s Baby “. I was glad about their choice of the movie as I had already planned to watch it this weekend! The lot of these amazing girls around and delectable food served by Orrery made the movie experience quite stirring.




Let’s get back to what prettylittleThings has to offer

From Bra sets, bridal kits, to night wear, you have countless design and fabric options. I especially loved their vintage and pop print lingerie so I ended up choosing one for myself. I also found their website adorably funky and feminine which lets you create an account, calculate your size, and then save the details for future transactions.


The catchy names for every item make the shopping experience further entertaining. I found their prices relatively reasonable as compared to other lingerie brands of Pakistan. You can find items starting from PKR500 going all the way to PKR2500 for different fabrics and sets. Currently, the brand is shipping across Pakistan with cash on delivery as the only payment options, but the brand looks forward to adding more payment modes in the future.


It’s great to see young women entrepreneurs taking over this relatively untapped market in Pakistan. If you are looking for reasonable prices, color happy designs, and comfortable fabric, PrettylittleThings is a suitable option!


For placing orders, you can reach PrettyLittle things at:

Which lingerie brand are you hooked to and what do you find most challenging buying one? Drop your comments below!

This article is in collaboration with but all the opinions are absolutely my own because that’s how I roll! 

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