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Happy Winters Karachi! Phew, finally! The weather has been forcing me to get my butt out of the house and have garma garam pakoray somewhere, but Farah (my younger sister) promised she would make crispy, chatpatay pakoray in a while! I bet she will keep her promise! So, since I am very much staying at home now, I better write this post down!

I am sharing three favorites with you today. These are my current “go to” accessories-the sort which you end up wearing even unintentionally! I am sure you also come across such phases when your brain gets obsessed with one or two items and you can’t escape flaunting them anyway!

The Mirror Choker Necklace

I bought this from Wrap N Grab recently along with another choker necklace that I featured in the Week 2 December 2016 giveaway! Apparently this mirror choker is quite plain, but the mini diomonties around the corners make it look quite chic. Also, I can wear it with almost any top for the neutral design and color. It’s very difficult finding the perfect choker for my lean neck, and it fitted perfectly which is the main reason I bought this in the first place! So, yes I am wearing this new sparking bauble almost everywhere nowadays! *I think my ammi is already sick of it*


The Satin Glitter Party Clutch

Wedding season was very much upon me during the past two months and this glossy, glamorous satin party clutch was my companion in almost every wedding ceremony. I got this last year from Chase up during my sister’s wedding for PKR 1000 or 1200 (forgot the exact figure as it’s been a while). This copper vintage color looks great when paired with deep shaded outfits and gold/copper jewelry.


CD Necklace

I made this swish CD necklace and shared the DIY up on blog here. I have been wearing it a lot specially with plain, monotone tops. I make sure to pair minimum to almost no accessories whenever I wear it, as this necklace is already quite loud.


Color Studio Matte lipstick

I am not very choosy in picking lipsticks because I am comfortable about wearing almost every lip shade. I know it might get odd or really glaring sometimes, but I can’t help my comfort and confidence in lip colors. But this one is a safe casual shade that I picked from color studio. I wear it frequently while working, or going out for random chores in the afternoon. The shade is between rose to deep pink.


Let’s see for how long these four rock my best accessories list. Which one did you like most? Do you have any recent favorites?

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