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Pre-Ramadan Checklist (4)

Time flies, days get shorter and the month passes in a flash leaving us wondering, did we spiritually make the most of Ramadan? You can, by being a little reactive!

The month of Ramadan is just a few days away. As much as we are excited about the spiritual blessings, a healthy lifestyle change, and the chance to earn extra good deeds; the home management responsibilities become twofold.  I have always seen my mother preparing for Ramadan weeks before the month actually arrives. Now when I have to take care of some of the chores myself, I have realized why she would do that. For this, I am sharing a Pre Ramadan checklist which if followed, would help you be super organized throughout the month! It’s easy, all you have to do is get active right now. Have a look!


In Ramadan, meal preparation for Sahri, Aftaar and often dinner becomes specially hefty. It’s always wise to prepare the daily Aftaar items like snacks, cholay and chutni a week before ramadan and freeze them. You can also prepare curries beforehand so you can get them handy for sahri. Be a little reactive so you can cut your kitchen time and focus wholeheartedly on prayers. This prep is almost done at my end. Thanks to mom! *halo*


I know, I know, some of you find the soul of Eid shopping lies in wandering around the shopping malls after Aftaar.  Plus the air inside shopping centres is specially exuberant during this month. But, it gets tiring too right? For a month when every minute is precious for daily chores, it would be fair to wind up your Eid Shopping before Ramadan. If not complete, at least start off right now to save yourself from last minutes trouble.


Most of you must have already done it right? Taking a stroll around the mart time and again for grocery is obviously irksome during Ramadan. Make your life easy and get all the grocery done ASAP!


The most exasperating chore *at least in my life* is ironing! The trouble becomes real when after a blessed long day of fasting, you realize you have to show up to the world the next day and well, and for that your clothes should be ironed! *Social norm, can’t help*. But imagine all the extra time you could cash on for yourself if your wardrobe is already set with ironed clothes. You will love yourself for that later!


Make one thing less to worry about during Ramzan! Do the basic home chores like changing curtains, doing bed sheets, re-organizing kitchen cabinets, and making wardrobe. The best approach is to make a list of items you no more use and donate them!

spiritualWhat is the point of pre-organizing the above chores when you don’t accentuate your spiritual goals. Write down all the areas where you want to improve. Like, are you planning to learn more about a specific religious subject, willing to read certain books? looking forward to continue the basic practices even after Ramadan or want to extend your current knowledge to others? Just make the most of all the blessings this month bestows you!

Work Now or Regret later!

These are all the seemingly petty but valuable chores you would want to manage right away. My checklist is almost complete, what about you?

May we have a blessed Holy Ramadan!




Hina Ilyas
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