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It’s been a while since I posted my playlist favorites and I am thinking probably I should make it a monthly feature. What do you say? As October is now slipping away and also because I have been really enjoying a few songs, I thought of sharing my playlist with you.  A few songs are from the artists I never paid attention to before, others are from the new album by Taylor Swift, so naturally, they have to score as my favorites and quite a few from Bollywood! Let’s see if we have mutual favorites!

So here is the list of all the songs I have been bending my ears listening! Enjoy!

Gorgeous by Taylor Swift

I have been waiting for more songs from her new album right since the launch of “What you made me do”. And oh boy, she recently dropped “Gorgeous” which is such a treat to ears! I don’t remember hating any of her songs ever mainly because she is my celebrity crush and I am blindsided by my fan instincts! Can’t put a finger on any one thing I like most about this song as the lyrics, composition, and her notes are as perfect as you think! So let’s have a moment of awe for the Queen of music–Tay!


Boulevard of Broken Dreams Acoustic by Lindsey Stirling

Not saying much about this one as it’s close to my heart and finding this amazing acoustic version took me back to the college time! *Feeling old already*

City of Stars by Lord & Lady Music

I am still not over “La La Land” and it’s soundtrack so I keep listening to the song remakes by various artists. This is probably the best one so far.

ZAYN – Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia

Since Zayn started doing music solo, I have been amazed every single time he drops a song. But Zayn and Sia getting together for music is just mindblowing!

Knocking on Heaven’s Door (Guns N Roses remake)

I couldn’t find out who did this version but I find it better than the original cover. Also, if you are  13 reasons why fan, you will find this video quite touching! Just don’t sob in the corner after listening to it!

Mileya Mileya

This song appeared on the suggested music list on youtube and I have been thinking why have I never focused on Rekha’s songs before! She has such a sweet, soothing, melodious quality to her voice and Mileya’s composition coupled with her performance makes the song really pleasant.

Parinda from When Harry met Sejal

Wasted a few hours of my life on this movie already but so glad to have found some of the good tracks like Safar, Parinda, and gher. I am hooked on this one for now!

Ambarsariya/Suit Song | T-Series Mixtape

What’s coke studio to us is T-series Mixtape for our neighbors. T series outdid itself as compared to Indian coke-studio and featured some really well-composed songs.

Ambarsariya and Suit is a perfect happy Punjabi pop combination! I like the festive light feel of this song especially the beginning notes!

Khana Kha k from Jagga Jasoos

Don’t judge me but this one is in my youtube repeat list!

The first time I heard this song, I totally dissed it for senseless lyrics but the happy, repetitive beat grew on me with time. A friend still thinks it’s just a crappy filler for the movie, but I have to disagree!

Do you have any favorite in this list?

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