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I posted about my plan of doing the crafter/artisan products series on my Facebook page last week and here is the first feature of the series!

I am starting with one of my favorites categories: Beauty and organic skincare. If you follow me regularly, you must already know how much I am fond of natural skincare products and I try to incorporate them more frequently now in my beauty regime. There are only a handful of artisan/organic skincare products in Pakistan and you will be surprised to see the quality they are maintaining for local skincare brands that too on a small scale. So I am sharing some of the brands I have used and others which are quite popular in this niche. If you are a skincare enthusiast, take a short break from whatever you are doing and fix your eyes here because some delightful stuff is listed below!

Food for your face

PC: Food for your Face

Yes, you have read about it a couple of times on my blog already.

I believe FFYF has a luxurious organic skincare collection that is made up of the fusion of oils from organic botanicals. I especially love the rich scents and therapeutic formulation of their products that promise to restore and renew skin.

The person behind FFYF “Mama Firefly” likes experimenting with unique ingredients like charcoal, sea-weed extracts (most recent), and essential oils. The packaging is gorgeous and you can even keep a few bottles as keepsakes if you want.  My personal favorites are dessert for your hair and Mint Facepack!

Jo’s Organic Beauty

PC: Jo’s Organic Beauty

It’s great to see how this brand is innovating skincare products by blending herbs, fruits extract, roots and flowers powder with essential oils. It can be your pick if you want affordable, natural skincare masks, cleansers, soaps, and mists. I have been eyeing their oats mask for a while and going to pick it once I run out of my current face pack.


PC: HeaLiv

The difference between HealLiv and other natural skincare brands is the use of Himalayan salt in every product. HeaLiv has the essential skincare variety like Jo’s but they use a dash of therapeutic Himalayan salt in all products. Those who want to incorporate the healing properties of Himalayan salts while following their skincare routine, HeaLiv products are quite ideal. Their salt scrub is my absolute favorite!

Illumination Organic Skincare

Organic skincare pakistan
PC: Illumination Organic Skincare

I came across this brand through The crafter’s expo 2017 page recently and found out not only do they have the regular body, hair, and skincare products but two main items for baby skincare as well (Nourishing baby balm, and massage oil). So all the conscious mamas don’t have to worry about the chemical constituency of these main skincare products for their infants while they pamper themselves.

Nur Organic Studio

PC: Noor Organic Studio

Organic loofahs, body mists, and scrubs, cold pressed oil, luxury body wash, you name it and Nur has all the essential skin care and spa products. The brand also has a monthly subscription option for those customers who want a continuous supply of these products.


organic skincare Pakistan
PC: Scoop-O-Scrub

This was probably the first artisan home-based product I tied which encouraged me to look for more such brands. I have been using their lip scrub for quite some time and I am not likely to switch to any other brand–at least for a decade.

My Top Favorites

  1. Mint cooler Face Pack by Food for Your Face [Read the review here]
  2. Dessert for your Hair-Red Velvet Rogue by Food for your face [Read the review here]
  3. Salt Scrub by HeaLiv

Products I look forward to trying soon

  1. Jo’s Organic Beauty oats mask,
  2. HeaLiv berry blast body scrub and Revive under eye serum
  3. “Mer Magic” Mask by Food for Your Face

Since winters are right around the corner, I am looking forward to easing up my routine with a few new organic products like Himalayan salt for pedicures, and cocoa scrub. It is absolutely heartwarming to see these artists experimenting with new ingredients and bringing upbeat organic products that are pure pleasure to the skin.

And yes, though you can order these products online, if that’s not an option for you, find these brands at the Crafter’s expo happening on 3rd December 2017.

Let me know which natural skincare brand are you fond of most? I’ll get back to you with the second part next week and discuss the most trending and chic artisan fashion accessories.

Until next time!

Note: This post is in collaboration with The Crafter’s Expo 2017, but all the opinions expressed here are mine alone!

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    Well written article about Natural Cosmetics i thoroughly enjoyed the reading this post.

    1. Hina Ilyas says:

      Thanks alot! Appreciate it! 🙂

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