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Painting is my never land … Painting flowers, foliage and anything nature has always been a source of immense pleasure and peace for me and that is the idea behind ‘la vie en rose”. I create life in pink through my brush strokes. I paint something pretty to look at while you sip your tea and reflect. I want my paintings to help create a state of bliss and be a source of joy for the viewer. It all started when I left my 9 to never ending job to take a break and started painting again because I terribly missed it. My friends and colleagues appreciated my work and wanted to buy it and so I started putting up my work for sale. I intend to continue to paint to change my out look… for throwing open windows and letting in la vie en rose.

This is Shafia’s passion and love for art which reflects in every piece she creates. I came across her color-rich, feminine, creative artwork during the Indie Art and craft show and couldn’t help but share her story with you.

Shafia is a self made artist and founder of La vie en Rose by Shafia. She creates paintings, drawings, artworks and designs for different lifestyle products. Let’s hear her story and have a look at the strikingly beautiful artwork.

Tell us about yourself

I have always been a creative person, and painting is my never land. I have a textile design degree and a business degree. For the last 3 years I worked with major European retailers and developed home textile products for them. It all started when I left my 9 to never ending job to take a break and slow down a bit. That’s when I started painting again because I terribly missed it. I am going back to work soon but I intend to continue to paint to change my out look-for throwing open windows and letting in la vie en rose.

La vie en Rose

What is La vie en rose by Shafia?

La vie en rose is the French way of saying: I am looking at the world through rose colored glasses. Its literal translation is “life in pink” and figuratively speaking the idea is to depict a state where everything appears rosy and cheerful to you. This is a feeling quite similar to when one is in love. That’s exactly the idea behind everything I paint or create. I paint to create a blissful state for myself and I wish that it has the same effect on the viewer. I want my paintings to help create a state of bliss and be a source of joy for the viewer. I use my drawings to create designs and currently I am doing silk scarves that are digitally printed with designs that I created using my water color drawings. My designs are feminine, mostly inspired by natural elements like flowers and foliage. They make a perfect accessory to add a pretty and cheerful vibe to any outfit. La vie en rose is fairly new and I wish to add more merchandise and products incorporating my artwork and designs.



Inspiration behind la vie en rose?

Painting flowers, and foliage has always been a source of immense pleasure and peace for me and that is the idea behind La vie en rose. I create life in pink through my brush strokes. The idea is to paint something pretty to look at while you sip your tea and unwind. When I incorporate my drawings into a product, my intention is to create a statement piece that emanates good vibes and is a source of joy for the owner.



What differentiates La vie en Rose from other brands/artists?

I think my intention of creating positive and blissful vibes, my thought process of creating something pretty to look at and finally my love for painting flowers and foliage differentiates my work and gives unique character to la vie en rose by Shafia.



What products/ designs of yours are most sought after by customers?

My floral paintings which I paint using impasto technique generated quite a buzz and my border line surreal landscapes have been quite popular too. But La vie en rose is fairly new and I still have quite a lot that I need to show to my followers. My silk scarf designs blooming, exotica white and exotica green are by far most popular designs that I have created.



What has been the response of customers to your designs so far?

The response is mostly very positive and encouraging. I hope to keep this up.



Being an artist what are the challenges you often face?

As a person who likes to paint I feel we need more community studios that provide space and platform where artists can meet and work freely. Trust me, painting in a bedroom is very difficult.



How do you promote your brand? Are there enough opportunities?

For now it’s social media (facebook and instagram to be specific) and word of mouth. But, there are events like Indie which are really encouraging in terms of visibility and directly interacting with potential customers. Such events allow me to have an insight into what customers are looking for when buying art.

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What is next for la vie en rose?

Well, I want to create more products that incorporate my paintings and drawings. I recently posted a picture of my phone case onto which I had painted a colorful landscape. The moment I shared pictures on my personal facebook page, I got so many requests from my friends asking me to do the same for them; so I am still discovering new things and getting to know my audience.



You can find “La vie en Rose by Shafia” on Facebook and Instagram 

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