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Desi chatpatay snacks are something I would have any time, even if I am already crammed with food and bloating like a toad!

For some time I have developed quite a taste for Khaosuey and dhokla, but when it comes to ordering them we apparently have limited options. We all know the best ones in Karachi can be easily found at Tariq road and burns road but what if you want a spicy plate of Khaosuey right in front of you without having to move an inch? While some desi restaurants and cafes also deliver this snack, but there are also home prepared Khaosuey that you would find at a number of online food groups and marketplaces. One thing is certain, you always have to read reviews and ask friends before placing orders. So, I have listed down some of the online places so you don’t have to tirelessly “Khaosuey ” hunt! Some, I have tried, and others are endorsed by my friends-the ones who take food very seriously!

Salz Kitchen

Salz is an online home food business which I came across a few months back. Their Khoasuey have the perfect blend of each ingredient and appear to be prepared by someone who understands Burmese cuisine. Also the portion is quite generous for a single serving, but you have to order at least a day before!

Price: Rs 350/serving

Home Delivery: Yes. Pick up option is also available



Khoasuey is what TemptAsian is particularly known for and gradually surfacing to be one of the best Khaosuey makers in Karachi. Their coconut curry served with freshly homemade Khaosuey specially stands out. As for the serving, a single portion is quite generous for two people unless you want to live on Khaosuey for the whole day!

Price: 450/ serving

Home Delivery: Yes


Cafe Kouso

This cafe offers a wide range of south Asian cuisine. Khaosuey appears to be their most popular item priced comparatively lower than other placed. Cafe Kouso makes authentic Memon Khaosuey that includes Noodles, chicken, basin curry and crackers.

Price: Rs 300/serving

Home Delivery: Yes


Simple Dimple

This takeout restaurant has four Khaosuey varieties-chicken, prawn, beef, and veg/tofu, so I would say they have well innovated this desi cuisine. *who else thought of Thai or prawn Khaosuey in this city?” You get a classic plate for Rs400 and Rs 100 more for adding other condiments.

Price: Classic Rs 400/, Thai Rs 430/, extra condiments Rs 100

Home Delivery: Yes



If you are looking to get a taste of home, sheops is the right place to order Khaosuey . In the Indian/Burmese section of the website, you find a number of Khaosuey sellers. There are different serving sizes and price varies accordingly.

Price- starts from Rs 375 per serving

Home Delivery: Yes. Mainly works on preorders with a margin of 4 to 5 days.



They have a custom menu crafted every week but you can always preorder Khaosuey . A generous serving of Rs 1100 for 6 people is obviously great, so I would call it a sasta and tikau Khaosuey place.

Price: Rs 500 for 2 people serving

Home Delivery: Yes


If you think I have missed something out, let me know in the comment section and I will tweak this list for you!


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