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April’s first week has almost rolled by in a jiffy, but we have the whole month at our disposal with a lot of things happening around. This month, I am specifically injected with all types of inspirations that relate to fashion, entertainment, and culture. There are a few things I am specially looking forward to which you will find stirring and inspiring too. Have a look here.

Game of Thrones

Get all your business matters taken care of, personal life sorted, and grocery done before 24th April, because you are going to dedicate your life for a while to the bitter sweet torments of Game of Thrones. Don’t forget to stash your home with bundles of tissue paper, you never know who else dies and you end up crying rivers for at least six months. Enough said, shall we watch the trailer again? *Oh Jon, please be alive! Bring me a tissue*

The Jungle Book

April 7, 2016 will see the release and gradual overseas roll out of this larger than life movie Jungle Book. This one is a special treat for all the 90s kid to replay their obsession with Mowgli’s life and adventure. Here is the trailer incase you missed it.

Daraz Fashion Week

Daraz has been wooing us with all their cool efforts in bringing the best fashion to our doorstep in just a click. This year also, they bring exclusive fashion collection by the high end designers on a single mass platform. For a girl like me who spends tireless hours online shopping, having the chance to shop high end designer dresses is obviously exciting.  I hope this shopping experience doesn’t leave me bankrupt. Let’s see how friendly are the prices!


International Street Children Day

Azad Foundation is organizing a two day International street children day activity. There is going to be a Panel discussion, street theatre, walk for identity and a football match on the 11th of April. You could also take part in the arts and crafts activity with street children near Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mazaar on April 12th 2016. If you have no other important plans for these days, do participate here and sign the petition to support the demand of right to identity for street children. I am planning to visit the event on the 12th of April, don’t forget to wave if you come across me.


Hamara Karachi Photo Walk

All the photographer, its time to clear your camera lenses. This Photowalk is going to take place on April 21st in The University of Karachi. The voting based competition is organized for the second time which will enable photographers to showcase their photographic dexterity. You can register for the event here


That’s all folks for April. If there is something more exciting which I missed here, do let me know!



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