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If you are like me, you might often find yourself under the struggle of “get going, get going”till Friday! I am unable to give non disruptive attention to myself throughout the week, so I try making up for that over the weekends. This weekend, these are a few essentials which would hopefully help me unwind and relax.

weekend final 2
Weekend MoodBoard


Remaining inside my Candy Colored linen blouse

Right after having shower in the morning, I got inside this candy linen blouse today. It’s my super favorite top which is soft, comfy, breathable and perfect for sultry  Karachi summer these days. So, I am going to take it off on Monday morning only. Savvy?


Moisturising, Cleansing, and Scrubbing

Although I try keeping up with my scrubbing schedule, but I couldn’t get a chance this week. So, I am totally in the mood of  giving my skin a deep cleansing and scrub to keep my skin in shape. My personal favorites are ST Ives face scrub and Nivea body moisturizer so I am pretty much stick to them. P.S I am a bit unrecognisable right now, last week was crazy!



I am up to catching up with  “The Gaze” by Elif Safak which I have almost finished halfway. This novel explores the subject of body image and desirability by putting forward the story of an obese woman and her dwarf lover. I have enjoyed it so far so most probably I will finish it by Sunday night if I don’t have other plans. For now, I am up to reading more than anything else this weekend.


Old forgotten Ballet Flats

These used to be my favorite green Ballet flat a few months back and I almost forgot I own them until my mum dug them out from God knows where! So yes, for weekends hangout I am going to wear only these!



Getting my teeth into sweet delights during the weekends is a must for me. But instead of ordering from outside, I am in the mood of making some myself. I found this really easy recipe of “Besan k laddu”(Gram Flour sweet balls) which I am going to try. You can check it here.

That’s all folks from my end, what’s in your mood board right now?








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