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No, no, this post is not about relationship woes and advice. Think fashion and you will realize nothing is more flirting than fads and trends. Right when you bring yourself to start loving anything, it’s gone in thin air replaced by something more fancy and alluring. However, there are styles which are recycled and resurfaced, and this exactly is why I named this post, falling in and out of love. Lets look at what re-appeared to be loved and what lost our gaze.

In Love

oneKurti/Shalwar: After a prolonged dominance of long shirts, palazzos and baggy pyjamas; shalwar and kurtis are gradually findings their way back to flaunt the wardrobes.kurti shalwarthisBraids: Your granny must have done you braids at least once, so it’s a fashion legacy which continues fervently. It is amazing how fashion is embracing braids this time with a whole lot of creativity like in fishtails, waterfall, and French Braid Fauxhawk braid styles. I am especially totally in love with braided pony tail.braidsthreeBelt bags: Belt bags which were quite popular back in 80s are resurfacing again. Let’s see if they could earn their fair share of love this time. Methinks they will.belt bagsthreeOversized Blouses: Yes exactly like seen worn by Pakistani tv stars back on 80s and Madonna of course. Everything oversized was hot in 80s and 90s, nothing became a sensation again as quickly as this outfit.loose blouse

Out of Love

oneOrange lips: Orange lip is ever alluring, but recently the shade is being replaced by berry, burnt reds and fire engine reds. We loved it faithfully but it’s time to move lipsthisSmoky eyes: For a decade, smoky eyes remained a complete look for a night out and were loved sincerely, but they had to take a backseat for our love shifted to nude lipsthreeGlitter jeans: Glitter jeans could not earn much love right in the first place, as it might have been too much to handle for casual attire like jeans. It silently went its way out of the hearts of fashion freaks.  Oops we will have to hide you in our closets until next time.glitter pantsthreeSpiked leather jacket: Ouch, this piece of clothing used to give me creeps! This punk trend had it moments but went out of fashion after sometime. Not sure if we will ever fall in love with it.burberry-porsum-spiked-leather-jacket-2

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