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Are there instances when you feel your living space should be less cluttered, more bright and cozy? A few pieces of furniture in your living room look quite misplaced but you don’t know how to set them right. This is where the “Fengshui”techniques come in handy. Fengshui is an ancient Chinese art of living spaces which accentuates creating harmony and positive energy in life. It teaches how to De clutter our surroundings and adorn them in a most pleasant way. The concept is usually associated with interior design, and home décor, but it goes beyond that. It takes into account our physical and emotional environs enriching our lives and surroundings. The Fengshui philosophy is simple: if the elements around us are in harmony, we can enjoy peace, wealth and happiness.

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Though a number of Fengshui consultants can be reached to do the job for you but it is quite easy to style your living space following the simple Fengshui tips listed here:


DE Clutter Rooms: Heaps of clutter surrounding you restricts the flow of positive energy. Look around and clear out all the unused and broken items (unless they can be fixed). Keep only what is required instead of holding on to excess.

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twoAdd a pinch of nature: Nothing calms senses more than the smell of fresh flowers and leaves. Do not confine the display of plants  to kitchen or living room, you can always place a small pot of plant in the bathroom lifting the look of that space. Besides, placing a bowl of fruits in bedroom is said to encourage health and bring good luck.

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threeIncorporate colors: A few colors work wonders in lifting mood up. Fuse softer shades like pinks, blues, greens and lavenders into the room. You can choose the furniture based on such shades, paint walls, place accessories like aromatic candles, or cushions integrating such shades.

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fourHang Mirrors: In Fengshui, Mirrors are said to reflect positive energy. The best you can do is to hang them in the hallway, place the dramatic ones in the dining room specially if there is a chandelier to reflect, or add a beautiful frame around your bathroom sink mirror.  Remember, mirrors are not just beautiful accents; they make the space look brighter and larger.


fiveInstall a water feature: The best water feature you can incorporate is a fish tank or fountain. Place a full sized aquarium against a wall most preferably in the living room. If the space does not allow, you can keep fish bowls on the side tables or little water fountains around the corner. A fish tank placed under a beam specially reduces mental pressure and stress.


sixPosition the furniture right: The furniture should be positioned in a way that it does not restrict the passage through the room. We abruptly place couches and bean bags wherever we like, but make sure people are able to sit with their backs to a wall whenever possible.


sevenAccessorize: Our home needs accessories to strike brilliance. Place mini fountains, keep colorful scented candles and crystal bowls, add lamps, chandeliers, and dimmers, or decorate walls with wind chimes and paintings. Each element promises positive energy and an aura of harmony!

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Those who have not given much thought to the above, why not do it now and see the difference? And those who already put these elements of harmony together, congratulations, you are the observers of this ancient art form. Get going!

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