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One of the summer trends reinvented this year is”cat eyed sunglasses”. Though “cat eyed” is a classic style but we are seeing sharper edges coming in fancy instead of old school sophisticated ones. It took no time for this trend to translate from runway to real life.  These sunnies are best match for the square and heart shaped face. From chunkier frames to neon panthered plastered style, we couldn’t resist sharing some of the classy and funky”cat eyed” here. Such a spectacle of these spectacles!

Photo published for CAT EYED Sunglasses....dazzle. retro. glitter. meow. cat eyed....
photo repost: Etsy plastic framed
Photo repost: Tom Ford
photo repost: Dior Montuone
photo repost ROMWE
proxy (1)
photo repost: Etsy
photo repost
proxy (2)
photo repost
photo repost

You will easily get the same or even the likes online on ebay, Etsy, Mango, and Shophive or at a nearby fashion/accessories store. So get yours to have a swoon worthy, heads turning look!

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