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Congratulations on not dying for another year. Your time is still not up, so keep going! But how would you celebrate or not-so celebrate your special day? Since I am celebrating my birthday today, *awww thanks for wishing*, here is a special Birthday post where I am listing down ten types of birthday people we often come across!

The Forever Whiners

Even if you arrange an awami jalsa on their birthday, they would still keep complaining! Dude, are you for real?

lizzie-mcguire-bad-lessons-whine (1)

The -Birthdays-Al haramun-Believers!

They consider birthday as a very well planned western sazish against the believers! But they won’t mind if you get them a present on theirs! Not on their own will of course. Ataghfirullah!


The Living Reminders!

They are the real pain in “you know what”! They will keep nudging you for a birthday gift even months before the day actually arrives! Watch out for their cat eyes!


The Rich Ones!

They are ready to treat you anywhere because they are fricking rich!  Time to suggest the most expensive restaurant in town!


The Loners

They don’t want anyone to know their birthday exists! They would even remove facebook reminder off their profile! The best you can do is to note their birthday in blood somewhere, wish them as loud as possible and ruin their day! I choose violence *cercei style*


The Exctiement Dynamites!

They celebrate every birthday like it’s their last. Being a loved one, you are expected to throw a grand party, and while you are at it, don’t forget to remind them the difference between a wedding day and a birthday!


The Fake Surpise Seekers

They will hand over the birthday party details, choose a present *which you will be getting of course* and then ask you to surprise them like they had been in dark forever! Don’t even think you can avoid them!


The Overplanners

They promised a five star hotel lunch, and a two days birthday celebrations stay in a hotel! Yuhoooo, wait! It turned out quite too expensive, how about lunch at the cafe around the block?


The Dead Spirits

They like spending birthdays missing either their exes or long lost friends only to end up feeling miserable. Keep an eye, make sure they don’t kill themselves!


The Okay with anything!

Just shoot them a HBD message and carry on with your life! They would be more than happy! Dont forget to add a heart emoticon!


So which type are you? Do you know any others? Share in the comments!



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