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Microwave Cheese Potato

If you are as lazy as a lobster but still want delectable homemade food coming your way without you having to sweat in the kitchen for hours, this quick snack is for you!

I never knew life could be so difficult for a lazy girl especially when she loves food! My mind is clouded with the images of scrumptious food almost all the time which leaves me with two options, (1) asking ammi to make me something, the consequence of which is a tiring lecture about how sughar and proper is paros ki Azra who is a great chef too! (2) ordering something from a nearest cafe which has almost left me bankrupt! *another lecture from mom about what I am doing with my life?*

But, I recently saw a silver lining of my food cravings in the face of quick microwave snacks. Since then I have been experimenting with a number of items like mug brownies, omelette and now this potato cheese snack. If the world is coming to end and potatoes are the only thing I could afford, I would be more than grateful! So, here is the quick 10 minutes recipe of microwave cheese potatoes!


  • Potatoes-according to serving
  • Cheddar Cheese- 2 tps (shredded)
  • Black pepper-to taste
  • Salt-to taste
  • Preparation time: Around 10 minutes

The recipe

-Prick the potato all over with a fork to let the steam out and keep it from popping.

-Put the potato in a microwave safe plate and cook for five minutes.

-Turn it over using a paper towel since it would be hot, and cook it for five more minutes. Depending on the size of potato and the microwave voltage, this may take even less than five minutes. With a fork, you can check if it’s cooked.

-Remove the potato from microwave and cut it in half lengthwise. Season it with salt and pepper suitable to your taste.

-Mash up the inside of potato with a fork and top it with 2 tbs of shredded cheddar cheese.

-Put the potato in microwave again and cook it for another minute to melt the cheese.

Now you have a gooey appetizing baked potato in front of you, go greedy! Don’t share it with anyone, except your cat! Measure the ease and convenience of this recipe by the fact that even I can make it! I will return with another quick microwave recipe; until then, make your mum proud, and keep eating because life is short!

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