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Let’s admit, our lives are incomplete without dainty, delicate, and exquisite jewelry! Some items resonate with our style while others become distinguished pieces in our flattering collection. While your jewelry box already brims with some elegant ornaments, there are a few must-have pieces every girl should own. I am sharing the essential pieces that make the most fancy and elegant baubles in my jewelry box. There were a lot of items which could have been enlisted here but I am sharing only those which deem most trendy and enchanting. Here you go!

Classic Chain links necklace

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Traditionally called Maala, it serves flawlessly well when it comes to wearing a formal or party look. You can always go for a number of classic or antique pieces ranging from a single stone on a chain or gothic inspired agate and carnelian. I usually opt for this golden diamantes necklace (R) to flaunt a party or wedding look-with less blingy dresses of course! On the other hand, the platinum inspired necklace (L) also pairs well with a plain top, so I find it fit as a casual jewelry staple too!

Preppy pendants

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Your jewelry collection looks dejected and helpless without a few handy, preppy, and quirky pendants. Either you have to run errands, catch up with friends, hit the nearest supermarket or host a few guests, get these pretty trinkets out! They are stylish yet casual!

Eye catching ear cuffs

Hashtagged: Ear cuff

This is something I LOVE to wear! You know the sort of jewelry pieces you never want to part with? So it’s more like a habit than just a preference for me. Why? Because ear cuffs are chic, versatile, comfortable to sport and most fashion forward now than ever! You might want to skip the chunky statement necklaces with them to avoid an overly gaudy look! Go on!

Girly Studs

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There are different alluring designs available when it comes to ear studs, but nothing beats the funky, colorful ones! These three unique pieces are some of my favorite day studs fit for a casually sweet look.  From bling to basic, you already own some of these funky staple studs right? Let’s call them little trinkets of happiness!

Kundan Baliyan

Hashtagged: Kundan Baliyan

This is a seriously traditional and head turning jewelry piece that a desi girl can own! Every time I look at it, I thank God for blessing us with something as gorgeous as Kundan baliyan! Need I say more? What makes this pair more flattering is the pearl detailing around the edges which is as adorable as it gets! And, you can always choose something plain or less elaborate in a small size. So next time when you are attending a wedding function, make sure your jewelry box is decked with a gorgeous pair of kundan baali. *Drools*

Dangling Jumkay

Hashtagged: jumkay

Aha! A glitzy jhumka in any function keeps bad omens away! *Don’t overthink, I made this up* This happy charm is a real must-have jewelry piece and I can;t think of any desi girl living her life without a pair! I wore these bell Jhumkas on Eid this year, you can check my look here.

Pearl set

Hashtagged: Pearl set

For a pastel shirt, floral kurti, or willowy chiffon dress, there is no other investment which can take you through life with warmth, elegance, and ease, but pearls. You can single handedly rock a look with a long pearl chain or a set. If you are buying a complete pearl set, you can have the benefit of wearing the earrings or ring independently later on. Whichever style you choose, remember pearls never go out of style!

The final note! Never question if certain jewelry would suit you because nothing is a taboo! If your collection is well curated, you will keep getting new style inspiration. Shine bright like a diamond *thank you Rihanna* and tell me which jewelry piece you most proudly own?

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