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Here is a little peek inside my week!

Lately I have been having roasted corns a lot. A little chilly weather and fresh taste of corns makes a great combo for snacking. The taste is obviously different from all the masala that “makai walay” brush over the roasted corns, but its always better to get raw corns and grill/roast them at home!



I just started a new segment on blog “From my closet” and shared the first part where I shared about a flared tunic and a canary yellow bag. If you have missed, you can go through it here.


As this winter is all about dark berry, maroon, and wine shades, I recently bought this Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick! Already love the finish and shade and will share the review and swatches in the coming week.


This week was especially exciting for me as I adopted a new cat ” Barfi”. I had assumed its going to be a pleasant addition in my pet family but things got nasty when Cheeku (the cat I presently own) refused to accept Barfi! The situation worsened, cheeku lost his calm to the point of horrible aggression and it was only safe for the new kid (Barfi) to leave our home. It was heartbreaking having to give Barfi away, but I hope he is happy with his new family! It won’t be less than a miracle when and if Cheeku lets me adopt a cat.


And lastly I attended the screening of an upcoming drama serial ” Seeta Bagri”.  It was a bloggers meet up and the cast talked about their experience of working in this serial and why the story line is special. I don’t watch Pakistani drama, but would like to see how this one turns out.


Now I am heading right to a lunch date with my girls, what are you up to? Happy Weekend!


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