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I was supposed to write something like this when I was 25 but then the stages of turning 30 got in between and as the clock struck 12 a.m, I realized its exactly 30 years and an hour that I was introduced to the world (you can cue the music and set the cake with candles).

When I was a teenager I was sure I won’t reach past 30 because it sounded like an apocalypse, and even 25 was ancient for me! And even if I did, I was too sure I would have met Taylor Swift (my forever girl crush), traveled the world, married a handsome feminist hunk, won Sitara-e-Jurrat (for God knows what) and basically would have earned a celebrity status for myself! To my assurance nothing of it happened *phew, a moment of relief* because none of it sounds logical, I mean feminist hunks? Do they even exist?

Nevertheless, the only surprising thing has been my cool attitude towards turning 30 without freaking out about all the unmet goals, grey hair, wrinkles, and buckets full of mid-life responsibilities and crisis.

And why Am I not Freaking out?

The past three years have been the hardest because I had been pushing too hard to make things work for myself thinking I am running out of time and need to settle well before turning 30. Did I settle well? Yes, I have managed to grow my startup to the point where I can proudly say I began this single-handedly, I have cut off toxic people, I have embraced my flaws, and learned to be kinder, and forgiving. I call this my own version of ’30 and badass’, can’t say if the world agrees!

I also think at this particular moment, I am ecstatic to be alive and believe that I am at the point where I am more empowered to make decisions, and independent to do whatever I want to (of course once I figure it out). Because I have laughed, loved, and grown to be this person who might not have all the answers but definitely have the audacity to ask all the right questions now.

Hence I am high on life and ready to channel my 21-year-old self by forcing my friends to throw me a grand party *which they won’t because they themselves are as old as time now*. Nevertheless, I have planned a really exciting day for my Birthday which includes everything but birthday celebration, because let’s be real, its a working day and I have got deadlines! Just trying to pull off some adulthood!

Now if you are also turning 30 but freaking out about all the things that you wanted to have but couldn’t for some reason, just take a breathe and see how far you have come! For some this age is intimidating, and for others, its an exciting experience! In both cases, flaunt your elegance, grace and that amazing 3 decades of experience that you can share with the kids *read Generation Z* like a wise nancy!

Raising a Hot chai ka cup and crackers to a thrilling 30 to everyone celebrating! Don’t freak out, it only gets better from here!










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