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A responsibility I have recently added in my life is how to be the greatest Khala a kid can ever have! Let me tell you its not an easy job to act cool *because that’s what aunts are supposed to be* while fulfilling all the essential duties of babysitting their nephews and nieces. Well, I am not sure if I can be cool, but I sure am a smart aunt given how I recently stumbled upon Philips AVENT Non-Electrical Thermal Bottle Warmer.

While my sister leaves my nephew “baby S” to our home while she runs a few errands, the most tedious task I always find is warming up milk for him for every feeding session. I came across Philips AVENT and I would like to mention everything here about Philips AVENT, the product which is going to make the process easier for all the moms and aunts out there!

What is Philips AVENT Non-Electrical Thermal Bottle Warmer?

Philips AVENT is a non-electrical thermal bottle warmer that allows you to feed your baby on the go by making it possible to warm up milk anywhere, anytime.

Philips AVENT Non-Electrical Thermal Bottle Warmer

The Product

Philips AVENT comprises of:

  • A stainless steel flask
  • A beaker and a protective lid
  • A pouring lid

The pouring lid is designed to keep the milk from spilling, whereas the protective lid on the beaker is meant to keep the baby bottle inside safely for heating.

Easy Pouring Lid
Protective beaker lid

Main Features

Philips AVENT is a rather sophisticated version of bottle warmers that you otherwise use at home. There are integrated sensors that track the temperature of milk and turn the system off automatically to ensure it’s not overheated. You don’t have to worry about the uneven temperature of milk as it is circulated inside the bottle during the process of heating.


Philips AVENT is not only a baby bottle warmer, as you can also defrost or heat food by selecting an ideal temperature for food. However, for some foods, the recommended warming time may differ from the actual one which is the only limitation of this model. The system automatically switches off when the food reaches the required temperature. The boiled milk or water remains warm in the flask for about 6 hours and you can warm 6oz milk in just 2.5 minutes!

You can leave the bottle in for warming for a bit longer but it will, of course, take you a few trials and errors to have the bottle at the temperature you want.

How to Use

It’s quite simple to use Philips AVENT. Place the bottle in the beaker, open the lid of the flask and pour hot water into it. Wait for 2.5 minutes till you get the ideal temperature of the milk/water most suitable for your kid. Your baby is ready to be fed!

Is the Flask Easy to Clean?

Yes! The pouring lid has a simple, clear opening which makes it easy for you to clean the flask!

Price and Availability

You can order Philips AVENT products online and they are also available at the popular retail stores all over Pakistan. The product is priced at Rs. 5,935. The price point may look a little higher to a few, but when you weigh it against the convenience and functions, you would like to invest into something handy for managing your baby’s feeding schedule.

When it’s about selecting the best bottle warmer for your baby, it comes down to handy usability, quick heating functions, and value for money, and you will easily find these attributes in Philips AVENT Non-Electrical Thermal Bottle Warmer.

Have a look at the rating of Philips AVENT below developed around the main usability points!

Until next time!

Note: This post is in collaboration with Philips AVENT Pakistan




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