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As 2016 winds up, eyes of early fashion adopters are fixed on the newest trends for 2017. From short shirts, flared pants, and ghararas to chokers and glitter makeup, most of the trends that reigned on the 2016 runways were inspired by 80s classic style and this is exactly what was golden about this year. Now, that we are just a week away to welcome 2017, here is a highlight of top hot trends you should look forward to! Some are based on research and a few are my own predictions! Have a look!


Ruffles are going to invade our wardrobes coming year. The trend has recently resurfaced glorifying formal to casual attire in the form of ruffled jeans, tops, sleeves, and gowns. Not just western attire, but our very own eastern dresses also appear to be inspired by charmingly feminine ruffles and I already see the combo of short ruffled tunics and gharars rocking formal clothing. It’s yet to see how much time would ruffles take to grace our casual wardrobe, but I am definitely going to add another in my life next year!

Photo Repost: Ruffle pants and top

Puff Sleeves

Puff is the recent fall trend which I believe is going to become quite common in the early spring next year. I am so grateful to whoever fashioned puff sleeves because adding a puff turns a simple shirt into cute fairytale attire *well, your opinion might be otherwise if you hate fairytales*. Puffy sleeves are gracing both eastern and western wear as we see the blouses and short shirts striking this trend in the most chic manner. Hello puffs, glad to have you back!



Stripes had been out of picture for a while but they are going to return with a bang! Not only Ts or blouses, but stripes are gradually adorning pants, jumpsuits and even shoe prints! But tell you what, the only thing I love stripped is a classic blouse paired with denim! Time to get those stripes out!

Photo Repost: Stripes

Ethnic embroidery footwear and kitten heels

Traditional embroidered chappal are not going out of style anytime soon, in fact we see western designs reinvented into amazing ethnic footwear. Another trend you will see more often is wrapped up kitten heels. It’s a good news for all those who find it challenging pulling off stilettos and wedges, so now with kitten heels on trend, they could add a little arch without hurting their feet.

Photo repost: Sulafah pakistan and Joe Fresh

Multilayered Jewelry

Layered jewelry pieces lift up the look in an instant. Thought we are already very much witnessing this trend, the upcoming multilayered necklace is three to four tiered metallic charms resonating a loud style. Pair them with chokers for a further glam look!

Photo Repost: Jewelrywithsoul

These are some of the top trends which make 2017 look quite fashion forward to me. A few trends are going to be carried forward, while a few would lose spark *like skinny jeans*. No matter what is trending, make sure to flaunt what suits your personal style best.

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