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Hashtagged: Sandalwood Scented Fan

Fridays always get us in high spirits and for this very reason I like posting the happiest stuff in the “Feel Good Friday “section. Recently I re-shared a home decor post on Facebook and have been receiving queries about the sandalwood fan featured there. You asked some of the questions like “where and for how much did I get that sandalwood fan?”, “Is it easily available?”, and “Can I get it online?”. So I am sharing all the relevant details here.

Why I love Sandalwood fans?

Sandalwood is a fragrant wood famous for its sweet scented essential oils and unique color. I remember my grandmother always owning such pretty sandalwood scented fans and as children we would often make believe these fans to be our Barbie’s luxury carpet *hah quite imaginative right?* Recently getting this made me recall all those times when I would obsess over her collection. I have definitely taken after her love for this beautiful, scented, happy thing and would love to hoard them for good.

Hashtagged: Sandalwood Fan

Where did I get it?

I bought this sandalwood scented hand folding fan in a life and style exhibition that took place at Expo Karachi. An Indonesian art and décor brand featured this fan in their expo collection which caught my eye. The green and pale blue floral paint makes it look exotic whereas sandal scent brings about a pleasantly nerve calming effect on the mood.


How do I use it?

I have displayed it on my drawing room side table as a beautiful decor piece. I keep it next to the candles bowl but you can also place it at the centre of your main coffee table or beside an antique vase. Your guests will be delighted by this mini art decorative item. If nothing else, just give it a whirl after a long tiring day to de-stress and feel pleasant.

Hashtagged-Sandalwood fan home decor


Bolton market Saddar is the place where you can get a large variety of such handmade fans from Japan, China, and even Pakistan. You can also check the decor section of home and kitchen products store as most of them have sandalwood fans available. If you find it too tiring to go out and search for them, look up online on or



I got this for PKR 800 because the stall featured discounted prices and also because it is a painted fan with no wood carvings. The more intricate carved ones are rather expensive for about PKR 1500/- to 2000/-.

I have a unique personal likeness for sandalwood fans that is driven by my childhood memories and I was glad having found one after a long time. Such association makes this artistic piece more treasured for me.

Hopefully I have answered your questions! Let me know if you also own one!




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