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Pakistan has been quite welcoming to the international food franchises and we keep noticing the successful launch of one flagship store after another.  This year, “New York Coffee” which is an American style coffee brand with outlets in Bahrain launched its store in Zamzama, Karachi. The café offers the classic New York Coffee menu including breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to the signature drinks.

Recently, The New York coffee cafe hosted a bloggers’meet up as part of its post-launch campaign and anniversary celebration.

I reached the venue right on time so it bought me enough time to capture the contemporary American style interior of the café.  I especially liked the color pallets of the walls done in sober grey, yellow and orange. The vintage and nature inspired wallpapers add both chic and youth to the ambience.



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The air inside the café was quite festive given the anniversary celebrations and a few pretty props were in line for the attendees; so I modestly posed with one!

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Then came the moment to savor the food. In starters, we were served chicken salad, vegetable and chicken soup and mini beef burgers. The salad was crispy, coupled with tender stripes of fried chicken. The soup turned out to be a delicious filling, low in fat, with a medley of generous chunks of chicken and vegetables. Mini beef burgers were juicy but a bit too tangy for me. As I am not a tangy flavor fan, others might find the burgers delicious.

Crispy Chicken Tender Salad
Chicken and Vegetable soup
Mini Beef Burgers

Next, I ordered chicken tarragon and pepperoni pizza as the main course. Tarragon was not up to my expectations as the steak was dry and hard. Yet the side serving of mashed potatoes was absolutely gooey and yummy. Chicken Pepperoni pizza was definitely pleasing to the taste buds. The crust was thin with a heart crunch which was not too airy. The cheese, sauce and pepperoni were spread out in an even fashion and the pepperoni was cooked just right for me. I paired the meal with Apple Juice which was quite refreshing.

Chicken Tarragon
Chicken Pepperoni pizza
Apple juice

And yes I have saved the best thing for the end. It was about time for some sweet delights and Molten Rock Lava Chocolate Cake served with a scoop of ice cream set the mood just right! The cake was absolutely fresh, gooey and chocolate rich. This is the most heavenly delicious item in NYC menu; which you should taste for sure!

Molten Rock Lava Chocolate Cake

That pretty much wraps up the meet up. As we were about to leave, we received a special gesture which was none other than the signature NYC mug. Overall it was a relishing and fun event. You can definitely visit NYC if all you are looking forward to is a casual hang-out with friends or a relaxing evening with family.


The gesture
NYC Coffee mug

Yay or Nay metre

Have a look at our “YAY OR NAY meter”below based on NYC ambience, cleanliness and food.






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