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It took me a while to be finally conscious about my skincare routine (thanks to the 30s), and given my propensity to laziness, I have found a Korean skin routine that is effortless and effective at the same time. After a ton of research, I gave double cleansing a shot and so glad I did because it has been a game changer for my troubled skin.

I have been following a double cleansing routine for two months now and this is surprising how a very simple and fundamental skin care method is not talked about enough.

Let me run you through the method and important details that you should know about double cleansing here!

Evoluderm Huile Demaq Oil cleanser and Lofty cleansing milk

What is Double Cleansing?

It’s a two-step cleansing process in which you first clean your face with an oil-based cleanser followed by a cream based cleanser. The first step is to completely remove dust and makeup and the second step is to get rid of the stubborn dirt that still remains behind. If you don’t believe you have dirt on your face because you just washed it, try cleaning it with an oil-based cleanser and you would be surprised at the wipes turning disgustingly hazel, but oh what a sight of satisfaction once you have cleansed the face!

Cleansing skin at the end of the day is very important in K-beauty and skincare regime, and double cleansing theoretically is twice as nice since it a wholesome skin cleansing process.

But Why Double Cleanse?

As much as the Micellar water might sound like the most awesome cleansing product, it doesn’t really cut it when it comes to removing old skin cells, impurities, and sweat residues. I specially joined the bandwagon of double cleansing to keep acne off and to have the face glow on because oil cleansers are very effective in improving skin tone. Acne and pimples pop up because of the accumulation of dirt on the skin which can very effectively be brushed aside by following this routine. In my experience, random cream-based cleansers only meddled with my skin than improving it, hence double cleansing was an essential choice. In short, double cleansing is more like a skin detox at the end of the day to remove the debris and keep the skin supple and glowing.

How to Double Cleanse?

Step 1: Oil Based Cleanser

The first step is to use an oil-based cleanser to remove dirt and makeup. Squeeze 2 to 3 pumps of oil and apply to your dry face and eyes in gentle massage movements. Dab the face with some water and thoroughly massage again. A decent lather will start forming and that’s where you know you are doing it right. Make sure you don’t dab a lot of water or you will emulsify the oil too soon. Use a towel, makeup removing dry wipes or cotton to wipe the oil off your face. I use makeup removing wipes and sometimes towel to do this.  Now Rinse your face thoroughly.

Which Oil Based Cleanser do I use?

I was not familiar with oil-based cleansers at all and it was honestly a revelation, so after running some research on finding the best one for my combination skin, I bought Evoluderm Huile Demaq Oil cleanser. It has a very fluid and ultra-sensory texture and it doesn’t even leave a fat greasy film, so if you have combination skin, you should definitely opt for Evoluderm. I especially love its pleasant sweet almond smell, reminds me of baby oil!


I bought it from just4girls for Rs. 1600. It’s, of course, a bit expensive but a really smart investment if you don’t want to compromise on your skin. There are other less expensive alternatives too, but I cannot vouch for them as I haven’t used them.

Oil Based Cleansers Fact Check

The first thought I had on stumbling upon oil based cleansing was “but oil would be a disaster for my acne prone skin?”.  So happy to admit, I was wrong.

There is a perception of oil based cleansers that they give acne, make the skin oily and dull and leave a greasy film even after cleansing. These are only myths as long as you are using oil correctly. I will talk more about oil cleansing in a dedicated post soon!

Note: If you have a super oily skin and face issues because of it, you can use micellar water as an alternative for this step, but it’s of course not as effective as a cleansing oil.

Step 2: Foam/Cream Cleanser

The second step is to use a cream or foam based cleanser once you have thoroughly rinsed off the oil cleanser. Take your regular cream cleanser and massage gently upward in a circular motion, You can directly rinse it off with warm water or wipe it off before that, I prefer the latter as it doesn’t leave the skin greasy afterward.

Majority of us already use some sort of cream or foam cleanser so it doesn’t require a lot of thought about where to get it. You just have to couple it with oil cleansing.

I keep changing cream cleansers and these days I am using Lofty Skin Cleansing Milk. It’s a soft textured creamy milk which very decently removes all the traces of makeup. This one is also ideal for everyone looking for cruelty-free products as it’s not tested on animals.

I bought it from a nearby grocery store for Rs 155.

How Often should you double cleanse?

The ideal way is to double cleanse in the morning and evening (or right before going to bed), but to begin, you should atleast essentially do it at the end of the day! It applies even if you don’t wear makeup every day, the point it to make sure no excess oil or dirt stays on the skin!

I believe somewhere between investing a fortune on skin care products, masks, toning, procedures, and facials, we have forgotten the basic of skin care. There is a reason why double cleansing is the backbone of the Korean beauty regime and you would know it once you walk down that road. If you spend just 10 minutes every day on this regime, you won’t have to spend hours on other procedures and rituals.

I am happy to answer any question you might have about this, and also look forward to knowing if you swear by any other similarly effective skincare regime!

Important Note: The review is based on my own experience, if you have skin allergies or other issues, use these products only after consultation with your dermatologist or an expert.

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