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Out of countless other things which lift my mood instantly, makeup is a significant one. Especially hot lip shades, vibrant nail colors and pretty eye shadows make me feel like this world is worth living and loving! So, last month, the launch of Inglot cosmetics and the chance to visit their store to try the products was an absolute delight!


Inglot cosmetics which is one of the most renowned makeup manufacturer and the leader of the first breathable nail enamel technology opened its first retail store in Pakistan in collaboration with Nishat Mills. In view of this, the brand organized an exclusive bloggers and media meetup at their Dolmen Mall Clifton outlet. I reached the event right on time and the venue was already crowded with bloggers, media personnel and customers.



Right on entering inside, an array of alluring nail color collection caught my eye. I inquired about their very famous O2M Breathable Nail Enamel that ensures oxygen O2M Breathable Nail Enamel that ensures oxygen and water permeability and tried a shade. 

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The lipsticks station was right next to the nail colors. The view of gorgeous, hot, luscious lipstick always made me lose calm. I started browsing different shaded and ended up picking a pale orange shade. It suited my dusky complexion just fine! It was only the beginning as I later got lost into a whole variety of makeup.

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A makeover desk was also organized by the brand where we could have our makeup and sampling done. I wanted to try their cream foundation so headed right to the Inglot trained beauty consultants. And this was my overall dolled up look!


I also had a look at their pure pigment eye shadow, but unfortunately I could not find any metallic shades of my choice. I specifically loved their nail colors and lipsticks. Overall, it was a fun, colorful event as I got to play with beautiful shades throughout my time there.

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Here is the price detail of the products I went through incase you are planning to buy one.

Pick of the day (21)

I also received this goodie bag from inglot as an event gesture and I am already in love with this shade. Going to review it soon!


For further information about Inglot products, visit Inglot Pakistan.







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7 thoughts on “Inglot Cosmetics in Pakistan

  1. Awesome post! I have a post on my Inglot Freedom Eyeshadow Palette. Check it out. I love their eyeshadows! They are the best! What color did they give you? It’s so pretty. Have a great day!

    1. Hina Ilyas says:

      They gave me this very pretty turquoise shade. Can’t wait to try it!

  2. MyStyleInsideOut says:

    Lucky!!!! They are awesome!

    1. Hina Ilyas says:

      Oh yes, they are! Thankyou 🙂

  3. blogsbyamna says:

    A really nice post! Quite impressed. I would love if you could help me. Being a new Beauty Blogger I yet have to learn alot. I would really appreciate if an experienced blogger like you could help me out. Is there any way where I can ask you somethings privately? Please don’t say no 🙁

    1. Hina Ilyas says:

      Thanks alot! Sure, you can always get in touch with me on my Facebook or instagram page. Happy to help! 🙂

  4. nighat says:

    I bought inglot perfect coverage foundation and I extremly disliked it as sale girl told me it is comparable to is just like a dull white mud on your face and too expensive.plz dont buy this brand.

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