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Instagram Yuhoo, while I am writing this, rain has completely taken over Karachi like a military coup over democracy! *argh the first time I ever used a political metaphor on blog* What more could have we asked for this Eid? Happy Eid and Happy rain to you all!

Last year I shared a quite detailed review of my Eid festivities including my Eid look and home decor, but this year, I focused more on living happy memories instead of snapping everything for my blog. Yes, that’s quite unlikely because I always view the world through the lens of my blog, the things I can share with you and the pieces of my life you would like to see. But, I did take Eid photos because I badly needed a sexy Facebook profile picture so I am sharing the details of my outfit and jewelry in this post!


Those who follow me on Instagram must have already seen the sneak peek of Eid kurti  I shared. I got the kurti and caprice pants from Ego. I wanted to get a comfortable, easy to carry, yet trendy outfit keeping in view the humid and hot weather of Karachi so this piece really met the requirements. It’s an aqua blue cotton kurti with golden knit fly embellishment. For me, the most decisive factor in buying this kurti was the dramatically flared chiffon sleeves which have a trendy, baggy style. I paired this kurti with beige cotton caprice from the same brand and recycled an old sea green dupatta to add a punch of refreshing contrast to the look.

Brand: Ego

Price: Kurti Rs. 3000 and Pants Rs 1400

Eid Outfit 2017 Ego



My Eid is never complete without flaunting a pair of traditional, rich baliyan or jumkay. This year I bought these gorgeously ethnic Afghaan chand baliyan from a local brand “Bahaaran”. I came across this pair on Sheops and ordered right away without caring if they either go with my Eid dress, but they primped up my look so pleasantly well! Baharaan has some other afghan baubles like handcuffs, rings, matha patti, and pendants! I and more than half of my girlfriends are already in love with these beautiful baliyan and I am most likely to order a trending traditional handcuff from Bahaaran next time!

Brand: Bahaaran

Price: Rs 800 and delivery charges Rs 150

Afghan chaand baliyan Eid 2017


I recycled the sandals I bought from Sulafah sometime back. You can check the review here.



So these were the mains from my Eid look. I planned to keep things simple and saved myself from the torture of merciless weather because there is no point in wearing something you regret later on.

What was your Eid outfit like?





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