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I have been using Dessert for your Hair by Food for your Face for more than a month now, so it’s about time I share my review here.

Hair oiling is my least favorite chore when it comes to hair care. First, because I tend to believe my hair is naturally just fine and do not need further pampering (read: self-fulling prophecy), and second because hair care takes more time and effort, unlike other beauty rituals. So, massaging hair with olive oil or coconut oil occasionally is sufficient for me. I received Dessert for your Hair-Red Velvet Rogue a while back and the name was tempting enough to try it. To see if the oil does what it really promises-strengthen, nourish, and repair hair-I made sure to use it once a week. Have been successful so far and here is a quick review of Red Velvet Rogue if it’s in your “to buy”list!

The Brand

Food for Your Face is a Pakistani natural skincare brand that has already won the hearts of natural skin care enthusiasts. All FFYF products are crafted by hand from natural ingredients, and Red Velvet Rogue is one of their recent hair care products along with other skin care face masks, moisturisers, essential oils, and the very popular Grey matter (charcoal mask).

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Red Velvet Rogue comes in a dark colored plastic bottle which is more or less 75 ml. There is a press open cap to ensure oil is not wasted while usage. A distinct maroon FFFY label is neatly done on the bottle with instructions to use and ingredient details.

Formula and Scent

The formula is quite simple. Red velvet rogue oil is packed with Vitamin E and other nutrients which are blended with olive oil and essential oils.  There are no other fancy ingredients or claims. The scent is a bit citrusy, with a minty under-base and peppery undertone which is pretty soothing.  FFFY products are known for their refreshing scents and my room cheers up with a soothing, floral aroma whenever I use this oil. But since the scent lingers for quite too long it might be inconvenient for those who are not fond of strong odors.



Despite, silky and straight texture, my hair more than often suffer from frizz and dull ends. Although Red Velvet Rogue doesn’t really promise frizz reduction, I have been noticing healthy, shiny texture most probably attributed to vitamin E and olive oil. I apply and massage it 20 minutes before washing my hair but you can leave it overnight too and shampoo the next morning. Rinsing it off might be a bit challenging probably because of its medium thick consistency so try not be too generous in the application. Also, don’t expect it to work on split ends or hair fall, neither does the product claim so.

My hair didn’t show any life changing outcomes but clearly an improvement in texture. So I think Red velvet vogue is best for dull, and dry hair that needs a regular repair solution. If you do not face any extreme dryness or brittle texture concerns, I would still advise it’s use as a regular conditioning oil.

Let me know which hair oil are you using these days? You can visit Food for your Face here!

Until next time!

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