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Over the years, I have turned quite bold about my beauty adventures; thanks to me being the subject of my own experiments. A few resulted as shameful disasters, and others were a pleasant surprise, especially the organic skincare products that I tried! I have a combination skin which is absolutely unpredictable! It starts acting up with breakouts without any reason and the result is uneven skin tone and acne marks which I try to find the remedy for once in a while!

Last month I had Dermastamping done from Aliya Farooq Salon for two reasons:

  1. To tone up my skin
  2. To reduce acne marks

This was probably one of the heroic skin treatments I have had so far because the name itself is intimidating. But in reality its a really simple and effective process which uses the micro-needling device to improve skin through selective microdamage. As the skin works to repair damage, it produces collagen fibers and other proteins to rejuvenate the skin. In other words, you get your skin damaged for renewing it! *this just made me recall the Legend of the Pheonix*

I received two Dermastamping sessions for better results. Here is a review of this treatment which I have divided into two sessions. It’s going to be a long one, grab a plate of biryani!

Session 1

The Consultation 

One of the most noticeable points for every salon and spa service is the time the therapist/expert spends on going over your skin problems, needs, and suggesting the service accordingly. Before going ahead with Derma Stamping, Aliya checked if my skin really requires any such treatment. She inquired about the most common skin problems I face, the beauty products I am using and the results I want to achieve from this process. After which she briefly described the Dermastamping procedure and showed me the products she was going to use for this treatment.

The Products used

Hydrocolin acid ampoule
  1. Hydrocolin acid for needle infusion
  2. Citric acid sheet mask

The Procedure

This session was about 20 minutes long. After having my face cleansed, Aliya started rolling the needles against my skin with gentle pressure vertically a couple of times. After which she applied Hydrocolin acid serum to infuse into the skin. She waited for a few seconds for the serum to absorb before moving ahead with other selective areas.  Let me tell you, the procedure is a little uncomfortable because of the pricks your skin receives continuously. It felt annoying but not anything I couldn’t survive. She prefers not to use a numbing cream to make sure she doesn’t go deep inside the skin which can be harmful. Once the infusion was done, she applied a Vitamin C mask to lock moisture and soothe skin. My skin was a little pink and dry but not really inflammated, unlike the popular belief held about dermastamping.

Dermastamping Roller

Outcome of session 1

Not a really noticeable change but a smooth skin texture.

Session 2

The first session was not sufficient to see any visible change so I went for the second one. This was a bit more advanced as it involved COMCIT (Cryo Oxygen Microchanneling Collagen Induction Therapy) facial treatment, unlike the previous procedure.

Products Used

Hydrocolin acid ampoule
  1. Melanin and Hydrocolin acid ampoule for needle infusion
  2. Oxygen spray paired with a skin rejuvenating ampoule
  3. Collagen Cream
  4. Cryo mask


COMCIT is meant to replace lost moisture to the skin. As I still had two-toned skin, Aliya infused melanin ampoule onto the chin section to treat dark patches and Hydrocolin acid on the forehead to even out the tone. After that, she induced oxygen spray into the skin which was infused with a skin rejuvenating ampoule. That was the most interesting part of the process and the skin felt super refreshing and smooth afterward. The next step was the application of collagen cream followed by Cryo mask. Cryo is a cooling mask which brightens and softens up the skin, so, this was basically Dermastamping with COMCIT  as an extension which is suitable for all skin types.

This session took about 20 to 25 minutes.

COMCIT Oxygen Infusion

Post Treatment Care

As the skin becomes sensitive right after the treatment, it needs some extra care for at least a week. These are a few precautions that I was communicated for post-treatment care:

  1. Use of sunblock essentially while stepping out
  2. Avoiding washing face for at least 18 hours (else the effect of serum will be dissolved)
  3. Use of vitamin E rich face wash or cleansing water
  4. Use of day moisturizer as generously as possible until the inflammation and dryness brushes aside

Post Treatment Support and Products

Post-treatment skincare

I had so many questions about the precautions that I’d need to take after this treatment. Aliya not only gave me the details but kept taking updates for a few days. It appears like an ordinary gesture but matters a lot when it comes to post-treatment care. It shows how involved your therapist is and how much they want to make sure you don’t face any issues later. As I was not supposed to use the regular skincare products given the super sensitive skin post-treatment, Aliya suggested Cleansing water, resurfacing cream, and glow primer by Thalgo which I am still using for some extra care.  It’s going to be a little difficult not washing your face with a regular face wash for at least a week and you will probably have to roam around with a mildly sticky face, but its all worth in the end. And yes, you can still wear makeup during that post-treatment period, so go hang out while your skin pampers itself.

The Final Outcome

It takes about a week for any noticeable change. But, I only saw clear results after the second session as the acne spots faded, the skin appeared more toned up and the texture became smooth. One sitting, of course, doesn’t bring any considerable difference, so you are probably going to have 2 or 3 sessions for better results. The procedure costs Rs 6k to 8k for a single session depending on your skin condition.

If you plan to go ahead with Dermastamping, make sure you are choosing the right expert because you can’t take the risk with a treatment as sensitive as this one.

I am giving an overall review of my experience in the rating scale below. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments section below or ask Aliya directly here.

Have a happy, healthy skin! Until next time!





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