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What’s better than drinking coffee? Scrubbing your skin with it of course! Coffee enthusiasts, gather around, I am reviewing this coffee scrub mask especially for you!

By now, you must be aware of my fondness for Food for your Face. If you read my blog regularly the brand must not be new to you. This time it’s one of the most luscious products by FFYF that I am going to review here.

Right as Varah launched the Coffee & Oats scrub mask “A Shot of Espresso”, I placed my order and while I was waiting for the delivery, I was pleasantly surprised by receiving it inside the Crafter’s Expo invitation basket! Varah has a beautiful way to surprise us I must say! 

I have used scrub masks before but they turned out a bit rough on my skin so I quit them for a while. What I was looking forward to in “A Shot of Espresso” is the two in one feature convenient for the cleansing routine. Just scrub and leave the mak off for a while without having to go back and prepare the mask separately for the skin. I am obsessed with Saint Ives as my regular face scrub but I wanted to have an organic alternative for which FFYF coffee scrub mask seemed perfect.

So let’s start with the review!


The product comes inside a dark brown jar which looks quite elegant and inviting. Like all other FFYF products, branding is right on point and ingredients are mentioned along with the brand details. Right as you uncap the jar, you see it’s sealed to ensure the product remains fresh and lasts long.


A whiff of roasted coffee beans, oats and everything exotic takes over the room right as you open the jar. You won’t even mind substituting it for your scented candles if required. *don’t do this in real, it’s just a thought*.

Consistency and Texture

It has a creamy thick consistency and micro exfoliators made from oats which are not rough on the skin. The main ingredients of the mask are coffee, oats, brown sugar, vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, olive oil, and vitamin E.


A shot of Espresso is for Rs. 850. It is a bit expensive comparatively but the ingredients quality, quantity, and effectiveness make it worthwhile.

My Experience

I used this product as both scrub and mask. I damped my face a bit and started scrubbing gently, after which I let it dry for a few minutes. The mask is quite thick so it takes a bit longer for it to dry. Relax, don’t rush into washing your face.

I washed my face with lukewarm water to lock in the moisture! And let me tell you the results were astounding! I was not expecting my skin to glow and turn baby soft—the way they tell you in all these advertisements! You would find the mask very thick but it thins out once you apply it. Also, the oats mico exfoliators are mild so I can’t say if they remove whiteheads completely, but yes they are perfect for combination or sensitive skin. Nevertheless, you can use it as a mild exfoliating scrub and mask.

I didn’t experience any irritation although my face is mostly ridden with pimples. Also, don’t expect this mask to magically smooth down acne scars or pimples.

The product quantity is good. I have been using it weekly for about 2 months and I still have some left.

One thing I noticed was my skin getting usually dry after its application. I am not sure if it is due to the weather or any other reason, but if you have dry or combination skin, dab a little moisturizer after using it every time.

If you are looking for a subtle scrub, this coffee mask will suit you best, also it’s going to be a unique addition to your skincare routine!

Here is how I am rating “A Shot of Espresso”!

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