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Dear Alpha Women,

It’s just another day when you were called bossy and an arrogant woman who never has it easy, but I urge you to remind yourself of your kind heart and a compassionate soul inside this tough exterior. The world expects you to run in packs, but you are too busy doing things one at a time that sometimes you are left behind, but that’s perfectly fine to walk alone as long as you know where you are going. I know you refuse to settle in an indifferent, unappreciative love and sometimes are even labeled as hard to impress, but you know how you are totally amazed by gestures as little as your man holding the door for you. It’s okay if they can’t see it, but you don’t have to prove anything.

I know you lose your calm from time to time because you just can’t mince words and pretend like everything is alright, and this is not how a woman is supposed to behave–they say– but did you ever care about what they say?

Lets be honest, you sometimes have a feeling of utter doom every time a good friend leaves, a pet dies, a wedding is announced,  and every moment you are told you will be left alone if you don’t settle now, but I want you to remember no man, no friend, no pet can bring you happiness but you.

Don’t try too hard to be enough for everyone, because you can’t. Some will be intimidated by your demand for rightful attention, and your loud unpopular opinions, but your intense drive to be a better person should keep these voices shut. Just be assertive and brave as you already are and keep getting shit done.


An Alpha Woman

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