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Pakistan is not short of artists and crafters whose work inspires us a great deal. The real delight is seeing their work loved and admired outside the country. We came across one such artist who is doing this so impressively well that we just had to share her work. She is young, passionate, and creative. Let’s meet Sana from “Henna by Sana” who is a professional Henna artist furthering our traditional henna art in Malaysia and wishes to expand it beyond!

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am Sana Asad, born and brought-up in Karachi. I hold master’s degree in Psychology but henna art has always remained close to my heart.

Sana from “Henna by Sana”

Since how long have you been doing henna?

As a child, I was very much influenced by henna due to its strong cultural value in Pakistan. For some time, I took henna as a hobby, but later on, I took formal classes for the sake of learning and practice this profound art. On the occasion of Eid, I used to gather with my friends and relatives and apply henna to their hands. So I would say they have been really encouraging and motivated me to keep up the work.

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Can you tell us about “Henna by sana?” Are there any design specialties?

Henna by Sana is all about unique Henna experience. It deals with unique patterns one fantasizes on their hands. It is not only about creating the design, but to understand what kind of art impress them and make them feel happy. Work categories range from Traditional Henna to Tattoo. Arabic and traditional designs of all unique cultures are also served if customers ask for them. Henna by Sana also offer Dress-Theme art for special occasions, plus I recently begun making little gift boxes and frames for various occasions done which are receiving special admiration.

box 1

box 2

What made you take this art on a professional level and when?

I took Henna as a profession about a year ago in Malaysia. I planned to introduce this unique cultural value of Pakistani art to the locals and foreigners residing here, since there are many to appreciate this form of art. I kept on practicing harder and improved my skills to professional level. I did my first event in Malaysia’s well known Limkokwing University which turned out to be a great success. Unexpectedly, I was happy to see a huge crowd waiting to get henna done by me. It was depth inducing to my work and hence I pursued it as a career. My inspiration is W.R. Gresham’s, Nothing is Impossible, in which he writes, “Make your hobbies profitable!”.



Are there enough opportunities to showcase your work (exhibitions, fair etc?) besides promoting your art on social media?

Oh yes, indeed, there are plenty of opportunities to promote this distinctive art in almost all parts of the world. Every now and then, there are arts n craft bazaars, fairs, exhibitions and shows organized where you can present your scope of work in different manner.



What has been the response so far?

 It has been tremendous and welcoming. People who know and understand the value of such art and the creativity always admire the work specially in Malaysia. Reviews from my clients have made me proud, encouraged me to continue Henna as a profession and expand my work with more knowledge, innovation and enthusiasm.

customer 1

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Have people begun relating your art with Pakistani tradition?

People in Malaysia relate my art with Pakistani traditions and it comes with much self-satisfaction. With the intricate patterns, they feel pleased to know more about our cultures and civilizations. I explain them how the traditional value of Henna in Pakistani culture is and applying henna on the happiest days on our calendars is the norm.


What is the one thing people abroad find fascinating about henna?

Unlike permanent tattoo, it is a beautiful art made on the body without damaging their skin. This enables them to try different designs as per the event and thus has now become a fashion in most of the countries.



What is next by“Henna by Sana?”

Henna by Sana is looking forward to offer bridal designs with more artistic work for the Brides. My first Bride was very delighted with my designs since the East Asian Culture is more simple and elementary when it comes to Bridal Henna Art.



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