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Week Unwind (2)

Last week was the slowest I have ever had in my life. I broke all the records of sleeping in, eating like a horse, and daydreaming with eyes wide open. Before you ask me to get a life, let me share the things which kept my week happening in anycase.

End of Game of Thrones season 6

A moment of silence first! Thankyou!

I wait for GOT every year like the heat stricken Pakistanis who wait for electricity to return ASAP and stay in their lives forever! Poor souls, they dont know its  a far cry exactly like game of thrones’ lifetime seasons are! Boy, I have been feeling a big hole in my chest since GOT’s last episode was aired. I mean what would I live for every week now? *sheds a tiny tear* The only hope is, two seasons are still remaining, so the night is not so dark and not so full of terrors!


Eid Shopping, Check *mate*!

Right when I am writing this post I hear my dad going all about how jam packed the roads are today because everyone is out shopping. Which reminds me, are you done with shopping already? Mine was done a month back but for some reason I had to buy another dress which I did last week. So, thankfully I won’t have to stroll around the malls looking for a matching jewelry, chappal, falana, dhimkana! I will reveal my eid haul soon! *as if all of you are dying to know, but please say you do*


Eid Decor

Since I have managed my freelance work beforehand, and have also pre-scheduled my blog content, I now have plenty of time to plan a pretty home decor. On every Eid, I make sure to grace my living space with at least one new decorative piece. This years’s pick are the ferry lights and glitter candles. I will be doing a separate Eid decor post for that too! The ferry lights are so pretty eff that I want to die!

13578727_10153506188760807_1264287889_n 13578655_10153506191795807_51809729_n


Colored eye pencils and matte lipstick are the thing so I added a  new lip shades and a blue colored liner in the beauty box. It’s the third orange which I bought, so I am officially a orange lip-color hoarder *no regrets*

The glitter liner is by Rimmel priced PKR 400 and the lip color is by Isabelle DuPont priced between 300-400 I think *trying this brand for the first time*

13579692_10153506191995807_1184006196_o 13563203_10153506192785807_1553012774_n

That’s all boys and gals, you may now get back to work!








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