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There are a few events which are no less than a fairy tale extravaganza for the fashion fanatics. Bridal couture week 2016 Gold edition was one such delight for the fashion fraternity which began and transpired with the usual buzz and glamour. The event which was held from May 6th to 8th showcased the couture maesters and acclaimed brands of Pakistan and had us witness a number of contemporary and traditional styles, accessories, fabrics and patterns. Whether you are going to have your big day or planning to attend a loved one’s wedding, here is the gist of trends right from BCW Gold 2016 you can flaunt.


The Perfect Pastels

The pastel color remained mainstream for almost all the designers except for RungJa and KUKI concepts whose collection featured rather funky and colorful ensembles. Though for majority of traditional Pakistan brides, an ideal dress must incorporate shades of bright red, maroon, or hot pink, the pastel colors in combination with light detailing of bright shades also look absolutely stunning. Either go for monotone pastel or combine a darker shade, the choice is yours!

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_X9A2566 _X9A3931 Fauzai Hammad 13230907_10153403661390807_1213724644_o

Elegant Monotone Dresses

It’s the year of monotone, single shaded bridal dresses. From dupatta, blouse to lehenga; simple, and elegant outfits rocked the runway. This simple look is balanced by heavy sitara, zari, or dabka work which was dominant throughout the shows.

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Pretty Blues, and Lavender

Deep Blue and Lavender as Bridal dresses looked quite pleasant and chic! Some of the featured designers like Ayesha Ibrahim, Tina Durrani, and Zainab Chottani beautifully incorporated various shades of blue and lavender into their collection. These shades will specially make a beautiful choice for the reception function, so you can ditch the most commonly worn sky blue, light green, or pistachio shades for sometime.


_X9A1991 _X9A2906 _X9A4226 13162331_10153403749190807_1453981990_n 13183109_10153403749410807_1457821923_n 13223423_10153403748165807_1711504307_o


The dreamy White

Although through the cultural lense, white is not considered a color fit for our brides, but let me tell you, the white collection showcase this year took my breathe away. The designers went completely off tradition and dared to introduce elegant monotonous white dresses studded with beads and zari work. Like the various shades of blue and purple most trending this year, you can safely flaunt white for the reception or Nikkah ceremony. Counter your Mom’s disapproval by telling her “White is the new Red!”



13162454_10153403820565807_246103675_n 13182997_10153403821970807_1534031727_n 13219913_10153403821885807_1845904795_n 13227871_10153403820520807_116247076_n

Shades of Brown and Peach

These two shades look absolutely classy furnished with sitara and bead work. A number of bright/matt brown shades and peaches stunned the runway. So yes, the peaches and browns are staggering for the main wedding event this year!


_X9A4392 _X9A4491 _X9A5411 _X9A7700 13231242_10153403850350807_1743795507_n 13228062_10153403850390807_2014788811_n

Shades of Red with the Matt Gold Twist

The BCW presented pure reds with pale gold. Red is mostly paired with silver for most of our bridal outfits, but the gold combo is resurfacing. The heavy gold sitara work bodice and capes were seen with deep red lehngas and sharara. All the “Red” fans, take a sigh of relief; your color is still here but with just a little twist of gold!


_X9A3048 13101433_10153403883360807_2036652722_n 13150039_10153403885835807_497158094_n 13219743_10153403886185807_2145652879_n

Tulip Pants and Flappers

For sometime, Tulip pants have been trending hot as a casual wear, but they found their rightful place on the Bridal couture ramp too. If you have to attend a wedding soon and would like to don a chic yet traditional look, pair a heavy beaded formal cape or shirt with banarsi tulip pants!

_X9A2520 _X9A2861 _X9A2934 13227865_10153403893900807_2099412776_n

The voluminous Gharara

This trend is making me ecstatic. I love gharara! I wish I could wear it casually everyday…. but anyway, getting back to the post! Voluminous Gharara dominated the runways paired with blouse and long capes. This is the most flaunting, traditional style a bride can show off, so yes, Gharara is ever green!

_X9A2676 _X9A3710 _X9A5166 13162087_10153403910785807_1259537792_n 13187701_10153403910195807_1100603680_n

Short shirts/Blouse

We all know the trend of short shirts has resurfaced again, and Bridal couture runway was no exception. Whether you are opting for wearing Gharara, lehnga, or sharara, keep the blouse short!




Less Chiffon, more Banarsi, Net and Organza fabric

The BCW 2016 ramp rarely witnessed chiffon dresses as soft Banarsi, net and Organza fabric remained quite fiesty.


_X9A0098 _X9A2880


The come back of Sitara work

Remember the fairy tale like sitara work formal dupatta and shirts that rocked our formal dresses a few years back? Once again instead of embroidery, thread work, or diamantes, heavy sitara work has taken over the Bridal dresses! Its time to dangle some star dust!





Teeka almost out, Big Jhoomer and Matha Patti In!

We rarely saw Teeka on the ramp as big Jhoomer and Matha Patti swayed the shows. This jewelry trend specially blends quite well with short, blouse, and gharara and reminds us of the early 70s undistinguished bridal look!  Another prominent trend on runway was heavy nose rings (nath). The main material of this year’s bridal jewelry is going to be kundan, pearls, and mirrors.

13183085_10153403982325807_1931455356_n _X9A3042 _X9A4072 jhoomer


Summing up

Let’s sum up the above trends for your convenience. These pretty bridal trends are what you should pay attention to this year:








So, is it your big day this year, or a loved one is getting married? Which trend are you most excited about? and which of the above you think shouldn’t have re-appeared?. Let me know all about your dream wedding ensemble because wedding season is the one we can’t get enough of!

Keep shining!













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