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What are AI Copywriting Tools?

AI copywriting tools are software that uses Artificial Intelligence to help writers generate original content. They work by finding patterns in existing data, learning from it, and applying the same knowledge to provide an output that is valuable and relevant. These tools can be used for a variety of tasks: from providing assistance with grammar and spelling corrections, to helping writers create entire pieces of content from scratch.

What are the Benefits of AI Copywriting Tools?

While AI Writing Tools offer a lot of benefits, some of the most noticeable ones are:

  • The most obvious benefit of AI Writing tools is that they make the writing process faster and easier, allowing writers to produce content quickly and with minimal effort. This can be especially helpful for organizations that need to create a large volume of content on a regular basis.
  • Additionally, AI Writing tools are able to generate SEO-friendly content. They can suggest alternative words and phrases that may better suit a given context, allowing writers to create more engaging content. They can also provide valuable insights into topics, such as the use of key phrases and words that are more likely to perform well with readers.
  • Finally, with built-in grammar and content-checking tools, AI writing tools can also help to reduce errors in content by identifying typos, grammar mistakes, and other issues. This means that writers have one less thing to worry about when creating content.

Top 10 AI Copywriting Tools

In no particular order, here’s a list of the top ten AI copywriting tools is a powerful AI copywriting tool that helps writers create top-notch content quickly and efficiently. It uses advanced AI algorithms to understand the context of a given topic, identify keywords and phrases, and generate tailored content. This means that anyone can use to create content without needing any prior knowledge or experience in writing. provides a number of templates for you to get started. You can pick the template that suits your needs best and create content within minutes. From writing emails to press releases to blogs and even a resignation letter – has you covered.

Pricing – Free plan, and Pro plan @ $49/month


Moonbeam AI Writing Tool

Moonbeam is an AI copywriting assistant that helps writers create better content faster. It has a built-in grammar and spelling checker, as well as tools to suggest alternative words and phrases. Moonbeam also offers insights into topics such as the use of key phrases and words that are more likely to perform well with readers.

Moonbeam offers plenty of templates based on your use case. You can choose whether to write a blog post, a social media post, a college essay, a lesson plan, a travel itinerary, and a lot more. Additionally, with Luna, the AI-powered chat assistant in Moonbeam, you can ask questions and get instant answers to them. The best part? You can convert those answers to a blog post, an email, or anything you want!

Pricing – Free Plan, Pro plan @ 19/month, and a Team plan @ $30/month/seat


Jasper AI

Jasper is an AI copywriting tool that helps writers create higher-quality content faster and more efficiently. Artificial Intelligence algorithms are used to understand the context of a topic, identify keywords and phrases, and generate tailored content. With Jasper, users can be sure that their content will be well-structured, engaging, and free from errors.

One of Jasper’s most powerful features is its built-in grammar and spell-checker, which helps writers eliminate errors and typos in their content. Another feature is Surfer SEO integration, which helps writers create content that is optimized for search engines. With a huge template library, users can choose the type of content they want to create and get started in minutes.

One of the most popular features offered by Jasper is its Recipes feature, which provides writers with a pre-built template where they just have to change their product name or company name or input the title of their blog, and their desired content is ready. Be it an ad, a product description, an SEO description, or a blog post, there’s a recipe for everything! This feature utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the context of a given topic and suggest article and blog titles that are more likely to be engaging for readers.

Pricing – Starter plan starting @ $29/month, Boss mode starting at $59/month, and a Business plan with custom pricing.



Copysmith is a cutting-edge AI copywriting tool that helps you generate amazing, engaging content that resonates with your audience. The technology behind Copysmith’s machine learning algorithms utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to automatically craft fresh and high-quality content that appeals to readers while remaining accurate and grammatically correct. With Copysmith, you can quickly generate content that is optimized for SEO, without having to go through the hassle of manually creating it.

Not only does Copysmith create blog posts, it also lets you create bulk product descriptions for your online store, and also lets you create custom templates when you can’t find the one you’re looking for. With a chrome extension, and a number of integrations this tools certainly stands out from the rest.

Pricing – Starter plan @ $19/month, Professional Plan @ 59/month, and custom pricing for their Enterprise plan



Wordsmith is a one-of-a-kind AI tool that creates narratives based on data. This platform allows you to automatically generate written content based on structured data and a set of rules that you define. This content can be personalized to individual customers or employees, and can be generated in large quantities. By using Wordsmith, you can save time and effort in producing written content, while still maintaining a high level of quality and personalization.

Wordsmith allows you to create a template based on your data. This template can be used to generate many different narratives, each one tailored to the corresponding row of data in your spreadsheet. You can add if-then rules to customize the content of each narrative, and even include synonyms to make each one unique. By using Wordsmith, you can quickly and easily create personalized narratives from your data.

Pricing – Not public on their website. You may contact them for pricing details.



Writesonic is an AI copywriting tool that helps writers create better content faster by utilizing artificial intelligence algorithms. This powerful tool can be used to create content for a variety of purposes, including blogs, articles, web pages, and more. With Writesonic’s advanced features, users will be able to produce higher-quality content with fewer typos and grammar errors.

Writesonic offers an impressive suite of features to help writers create more engaging content faster, including automated keyword research and optimization, automatic title generation, sentence rephrasing capabilities, and more. Additionally, Writesonic allows users to access a template library which helps in creating ad copies, articles and blogs, website copy, email, and a lot more. Writesonic also gives you the ability to choose the quality of content that you want to create, ranging from economy to premium.

Pricing – Free trial, long-form content pricing starting @ $12.67/month, and a custom plan for businesses.



Rytr is an AI copywriting tool that uses natural language processing algorithms to understand the context of a given topic and suggest alternative words and phrases to make the written content more interesting and dynamic.

Rytr’s integrations are a game changer for the AI writing industry. Some of the noticeable and helpful integrations include Semrush and SERP analysis. While Semrush helps identify the right keywords for your content, real-time SERP analysis helps in optimizing your content in no time. Based on existing search results, the SERP analysis provides keyword clusters and helps in improving the SEO of your content.

Other noticeable features of Rytr include its WordPress & Shopify plugins, its own API to integrate Rytr wherever you want, and its browser extension.

Pricing – Free plan, Saver plan @ $9/month, and Unlimited plan @ $29/month.

Smart Copy

Smart Copy Unbounce

Unbounce’s Smart Copy is an AI-powered copywriting tool that helps you write better, more persuasive copy. With Smart Copy, you can generate high-quality headlines, optimize your body copy for maximum conversion, and even get suggestions for improving your copy

The tool is designed to help you create more engaging and effective copy, no matter what your writing level. With over 45 templates, it will even personalize the copy for your target audience. You can create ad copies, product descriptions, blog posts, and much more using Smart Copy. Additionally, with Smart Copy’s Chrome extension, and desktop app you can access your AI writing assistant anywhere, anytime you want.

Pricing – Free plan, Essential plan @ $19/month, and Unlimited Plan @ $49/month



Anyword is an AI copywriting tool that helps marketers and business owners create a persuasive copy in a fraction of the time. Unlike many other AI copywriting tools, Anyword offers real-time scoring and analytics to help you understand what type of copy converts. With its predictive performance score feature, you get real-time feedback on how to improve your copy for maximum impact.

You can also describe your target audience and create personas so that Anyword can create copy that is geared toward the right audience. Whether you want to write a blog post, an ad copy, a product description or social media posts, Anyword will create persuasive, engaging copy that captivates your target audience.

Pricing – Starter plan @ 29/month, Data-driven plan @ 99/month, and custom pricing for the business plan

AI Writer

AI Writer

AI Writer is an AI copywriting tool designed to help copywriters create thoughtful, compelling copy quickly and easily. The tool generates SEO-focused content to help you publish content that ranks well on Google.

In addition to SEO, AI Writer also includes a list of sources and citations so you can manually verify the information that it generated. Moreover, the tool also offers a ‘sub-topic discoverer’ that helps identify the topic trends on Google, and what others are writing about. The tool will then automatically suggest topics based on its AI-powered research. With the source summarizer feature, you can get an overview of Google’s top 20 results on any topic, and determine the most important sources.

AI Writer helps save time, generate content that is SEO friendly, is targeted towards the right audience, and includes sources to make sure that the information it generated is credible.

Pricing – Basic plan @ $29/month, Standard plan @ $59/month, and Power Plan @ $375/month

Summing Up

Copywriting can be a daunting task, but with the help of AI-powered copywriting tools, it can become much easier. With these tools at your disposal, you can generate better and more persuasive copy in a fraction of the time. Additionally, with their real-time scoring and analytics feature, you can well understand what type of content converts that captivates your target audience.

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