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How utterly Pakistani brown skin! Absolutely appalling!

If you also have a charmingly dusky complexion, you must have heard at least one of these!

  1. Is not this red lipstick too shocking for your skin tone?


Just as your presence is too toxic for this beautiful world!

2. Too bad your skin is dark, though your features are absolutely beautiful!


Too bad I didn’t ask for your opinion!

3. Beta stop drinking too much tea, your skin will lighten up like new!

PC: Hib Moeen

Are you advicing me to die?

4. Your mom is not too dark, who have you taken after?


Thankfully not you! *major eye roll*

5. My son made it clear, he would only marry a fair girl!


And achieve what?

6. Wow, your face and hands have the same complexion!

tumblr_m8phy86RGi1ruzwp5_zps043624b5 (1)

Thanks! I take it as a compliment!

7. My daughter was also like you, but I kept on bleaching her skin! Now look at her, Mashallah all fair!


7o “topon” ki salami for this!

8. Maybe you should wash your face thrice a day?


May be you should mind your own business for a change!

9. You are too dark to be super confident. How do you do it?


I avoid you!

10 Pastels are death to you!


Yes, exactly as being nosy is to you*

Guess what, the best response to all of the above is DON’T YOU DARE SPEAK SHIT ABOUT MY GORGEOUS MELANIN! Happy being dusky!

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