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Accept or not, you have had enough! Eid holidays have officially ended, and its time to work your cute arse off! But, lets for once revive your spirit by looking at this decor I did specially for Eid. Its defintley going to make you feel better and give you a few ideas for any upcoming Eid milan party!

Festivals bring a wave of celebration so compelling that even the not so homey girl like me gets motivated to sprinkle some festive spirit around the home. Though my mom takes care of the major home making tasks, every year on Eid, I ensure to spruce up my home with at least one pretty decorative item. This year my Eid home decor sparkles with two pretty things: Fairy lights and Candles.

I am highly obsessed with both these things and gladly, Eid gave me an excuse to finally get moving and buy pretty strings of fairy lights. I came across them while looking for something else and they looked so charming that I couldn’t resist! They made a perfect decor option for my bedroom window-the space which I have been meaning to renovate for quite some time.

Similarly, I usually buy the small plain white candles for decor, this time alone I picked the colored and glittery ones.

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So let’s have a look at how I set them in different spots amping up the space.

Fairy lights

I have a docking window in my bedroom with an ample space around to deck stuff. I have kept this space minimalist and try not to clutter it with unnecessary items.

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The only thing this space lacked was a little decorative punch. So, this window was my first pick for hanging fairy lights. P.S some of this inspiration also came from Debra Morgan’s room (from series Dexter). If you have watched it, you can recall how in the background, Debra’s living room is shown to be decorated in big fairy lights. Remember?

Well let’s get back to my room! So this is how I hanged the lights! *Drools* I never want them to go off!

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I keep them lit throughout the night for a more dramatic, dreamy look! I love drama!

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Price and availability

I got them from a local chandelier shop in Gulistan-e-jauhar. They cost Rs 350/ per light string.


The first thing which comes in my mind with a festive home décor is candles, countless of them placed around every lonely corner of the home. Okay, not countless, and not every corner but at least at one spot in either living room or drawing room. They create an aura of calm, and harmony, in fact candles make a really significant element of Feng shui living environment philosophy.

I bought glitter and scented candles and decided to place them in the drawing room. I placed the glitter candles on a side table beside a flower vase. The best thing is they do not require any fancy holder for their already shimmery design. On the other hand, I left the scented candles and a few artificial flowers float in a glass bowl with water. Unfortuntalely most of the flowers sank *bad idea*. Probably I need to buy special floating flowers for that. Regardless, even the candles alone look quite dreamy!

Hashtagged: Home Decor Candles
Hashtagged: Home Decor Candles
Hashtagged: Home Decor Candles

Tip: Don’t let the candles remain in the water bowl forever, they will sink! If you are hosting a party at home, prepare the bowl just a few hours before guests are expected.

Price and availability

I bought these candles from “Wrap & Grab”, a gift shop in Millennium mall Karachi. It’s my go to shop for home décor items for their pretty stuff and reasonable price.

Shimmer/Disco candles-Rs 200/ each

Scented candles-Rs 100/per ten candles set

Invest in pretty things!

The above stuff is absolutely pretty and very reasonably priced. You don’t have to have a fortune to decorate home neither do you require some extra ordinary skills to set these items. If you are not a home décor expert like me, just do simple, little things, and you will learn on the go!

Did you decorate your home especially for Eid?

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