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Eid Mubarak everyone. I am sure you must still be binge eating sheer khorma, collecting Eidi like that famous child in the family or probably giving Eidi if you are as old as I am.

As Eid nears every time, my anxiety about eid shopping sets in, and why? Becuase I never prepare for it beforehand and leave things to the last day. The same happened this year and I had just a day left till Eid to get that fine Eid outfit, accessories, a number of other unnecessary items, and useless stuff girls are habitual of investing into on Eid *Did I just judge girls? Guess yeah’.

On a serious note, I won’t suggest anyone put off Eid preparations and then stress over when the best stuff is already out of stock. But then sometimes the Universe works in your favor and get you what your heart desires—the perfect Eid look!

I am sharing my Eid first day look here along with the price details. I hope it will inspire you to delay your eid shopping every year and still get the best deal!



Generation has always been a life saver for me whether its work wear or semi-formal wear. I like how the brand makes sure every piece is worth the price tag–I am talking about those flirty flares, cut works, motifs, and details–which is especially essential for a consumer like me who would never spend 6k on plain Kurti just because its that famous brand unless there are a few dramatics! Although this Eid was all about whites and beiges, I wanted something rich and colorful and this Susi mustard flared frock looked quite festive.

There is maroon and copper Moti work on the collar and sleeve line, whereas a broad cotton Banarsi patch flaunts the hemline and makes the silhouette riveting.

Brand: Generation

Price: Rs. 3998



Instead of Gharar pants, I thought of pairing this outfit with comfortable cotton pants. I didn’t choose Gharara because I already wore it on Eid sometime back and didn’t want to repeat the look that soon, and also because I wanted to keep the dress comfy and light provided the sultry weather. So I picked these beige pants from Ego and I think the metal loops on the pants cuff look really chic!

Fun fact: It was the most last minute shopping of my life right at 10 p.m on Chaand Raat!

Brand: Ego

Price: Rs. 1799



It’s a plain chiffon maroon dupatta, so nothing fancy about it.

Brand: Ego

Price: 900



I recycled this necklace which I have already worn previously on Eid and other family events. It’s an ethnic kashmiri Kundan necklace embedded with diamantes and metallic Ghungrus. My sister bought it as my birthday present sometime back from Wrap N Grab which is a gift and jewelry shop at Millenium shopping mall. So I am not sure how much was this for, she won’t tell me even if I ask!



They are as old as time! Got them about ten years back probably from Tariq road *still taxing my brain*. Also, my brain is quite a clean slate about its price obviously. I randomly picked them from the jewelry box and paired with the eid dress. They go really well with the overall look!


I recently bought these dreamy bow flats from Sulafah and shared on my Instagram  if you remember. Since I had bought them way before getting the eid outfit, so my agenda turned into pairing a nice outfit with them, which I successfully did!

Brand: Sulafah

Price: Originally: Rs 2500, on discount: Rs. 2000



That’s all from my end for now!  I was lucky being able to find such cool stuff at the eleventh hour, but I am sure you are more organized and take Eid shopping as a priority!

What did you wear?

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5 thoughts on “Eid Look Breakdown 2018

  1. Absolutely love the Sulafah Sandals! Very pretty.
    I can’t do last minute shopping. ahahah but since I start so early, I end up buying ALOT of dresses.
    I made 6 dresses this time. I wore them all too!

    Love, A.

    1. Hina Ilyas says:

      Hhahaha woah! you could do the Eid OOTD posts on your blog for a week!

  2. Hafsa says:

    I am so in love with generation; it really is a lifesaver when you are looking for decent yet elegant dresses.
    The ethnic necklace is a stunner.

    1. Hina Ilyas says:

      Thanks Hafsa! Generation keeps saving my life even for random casual clothes shopping!

  3. Ali says:

    it really is a lifesaver when you are looking for decent yet elegant dresses.

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