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A sandwich or wrap is hard to ignore anytime of the day provided it’s light and delicious but when it comes to it, there are only a few eateries I like to stick with.  Berlin Donor and Gyro is a new addition to the nutritious snacks options which I happened to try at the blogger’s meet hosted by the Berlin team at Lucky one last week. I am sharing a quick review of that session here.  

On reaching the venue, the Berlin team got in touch with the bloggers to brief about their brand and the items we were supposed to be served. We sampled Gryo and Donor which are basically the German version of Arabic Shawarma (whichever came first). I am reviewing them individually here:

Gyro (Veal and Chicken)


Gyro wraps are commonly made with veal, chicken or lamb. We tried the veal and chicken Gyro but I found the former way more juicy and delicious. The packaging was neat and the wrapping was really well done—struggled with it for a few seconds which is basically my story with any other wrap.

The veal strips were crispy and succulent, placed in the tortilla wrap. The vegetable add-ons were crisp and comprised of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and cabbage topped with garlic yogurt  sauce. I specially liked the pressed and formed texture of meat with crisp edges and tender centre.

Next came chicken Gyro. This was rather dry as compared to veal but the filing of crisp onions lifted the flavor. For a person who thinks chicken should stay away from burgers and wraps, probably the individual taste bias worked here a bit.

Donor (Veal)

I found this donor sandwich almost like mortadella–soft and thin. The triangular sandwich bread seemed crispy but it was actually soft, I would have liked a little crunch towards the edges though. Also, the veggies add-on was not overly stuffed which is a good news for all carnivores. The donor had the same yogurt sauce as they keep the sauce same for all sandwiches and it’s only the type of meat that lends a difference in taste.

While waiting for the food, I preferred sipping on Apple Cider slush. It was a usual drink, nothing extraordinary.

Later we ordered Turkey rice but it was supposed to take another hour to prepare as the kitchen was catering to other customers. We are not sure if the workload doubled for the staff as it was a weekend or their serving actually takes this long. If it’s the latter, I hope they work on it.

Will I have Berlin again?

I would definitely have their Veal gyro and hope the taste remains consistent. Also for about 500 bucks, these sandwiches are the smart pick as quick, nutritious appetizing snacks especially for those looking for gluten-free options.

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