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Ever since decking my bedroom window with fairy lights, I have been obsessed with the possibility of their soft, magical glow in almost every corner around the home like shelves, window sills, jars, and bookcases. They add a whimsical touch of magic to even the gloomiest spaces and stir hearts with a cozy ambiance. Very selectively, I have rounded up a few amazing ways you can decorate your space with fairy lights. Have a look and let your home shine a little brighter!

8 Fairy lights Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Turn your bedroom walls dramatic by the combination of fairy lights and polaroid pictures hanging side by side! This is the major happy space goal for me, just have to have a wall next to my bed *which is impossible at the moment*.

Or primp up your kitchen shelves with a streak of bright beautiful fairy lights.

Even better, fill in your glass vase with fairy lights and create an Alice in Wonderland kind of mini garden! Looks absolutely offbeat!

or make your wall mirror look as pretty as you are!

You can also add a fairy tale ambiance to your room by getting little mason jars ready with fairy lights. In the picture below, I have recycled my old mason jar into a lamp by using fairy lights. Use either the electric or battery operated lights, but the latter is more handy.


This absolutely lit decor is giving me major motivation to make over my bookshelf. It’s a really smart way to add drama to that little corner around the room especially if you are a nerd. It’s going to help you fantasize about those favorite literary characters better!

And who won’t like the gleaming balconies?!! You just need a string of fairy lights, a cup of strong tea and a view to set the day right!

Who said window sills are always sad? You can turn the window area into your favorite evening tea spot by gracing it with fairy lights.

These are all effortless, budget-friendly decor ideas which you can adopt without a second thought. I am obsessed with lights and already planning to deck up my space with more of them!

Do you have you better ideas about these pretty lights? Tell me all about them in the comments below.

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