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I used to be a “Don’t question, just buy this amazing brand” kind of consumer, but now I am more thoughtful and informed about getting the value from each purchase, especially if it’s from the popular brand in town!

Brands appeal everyone, and our eyes are twinkled by the classy appeal, premium products and promises that the brands make. So, how smartly do we think before buying an expensive brand? I am not talking about just price but the overall worth of the tag that you are picking. Of course there are a few brands that absolutely live their promises but others often make one cross with the lofty price tag yet sad quality and service. So, I am sharing a few questions that I always ask myself before buying something expensive. Unless your life’s purpose is to splurge your hard earned money carelessly like a spoilt child, these questions will help you make a smart decision.


Is it comfortable?

No matter how trendy or high end the product might appear, the first thing I check is the comfort and overall ease of using the product. For instance, while buying the tops with slips, I check the slips first to ensure that they are made of cotton or charmeuse silk and not crape fabric because I personally feel uneasy in the latter. So I won’t compromise the comfort for the fact that the piece is trendy from a very well known brand. You also might have your own comfort pointers, so match them against the product instead of buying just for the sake of just buying (read impulse buying)


Is it on Trend?

I prefer buying the brands that keep their collection on point! It’s not really smart to buy a plain kurti for Rs 6k when you can alternatively buy the same on a much reasonable price or get a trendy outfit from another competing brand. Like recently, out of the countless pre-fall collections, I chose Generation because their new designs were absolutely stylish, and trendy, hence worth the price tag! You can read the review of my recent shopping haul of Generation here.

So if you are style conscious, make sure you don’t pick the forgotten trends.


Is the quality worth the price?

Sometimes the price appears exaggerated for the quality we get but we still end up buying it for the cool and exclusive persona of the brand. That’s called impulse buying! Yes, heart wants what it wants, but a smart buyer knows what to buy and for what price. Re-evaluate the quality of the item you just picked, see if you can get a better product even if it’s for the same price. When you are paying additional bucks for a brand, you deserve to get the best!


Am I buying it because that fashion blogger wears it?

Often, we want to buy something because it is a fad for the time being but does it suit your personal style? Don’t you already have a product similar to this one? Is it worth the investment? Just remember a lot of these fashion bloggers get the stuff for free as part of brand ambassador campaigns which is great to admire but not realistic for everyone to emulate! Have your own style!


Would I still love it if the label is taken down?

This is a question I always ask before investing in an expensive product. Would you still love the product even after taking the tag down? If yes, then you are a happy girl, and if no, isn’t it silly to buy something for the label instead of your taste?

The next time you go out to buy any premium brand, keep this checklist in mind. Want anything to add into the list? Let me know in the comment section!

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