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Are you thinking about getting “Google Guaranteed” for your business?

If so, you might be wondering what it is and if it’s worth the investment. For local service providers, such as plumbers, locksmiths, and house cleaners, Google Guaranteed can be a valuable asset to their business

In this blog post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Google Guaranteed and whether or not it could be a good fit for your business.

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The Value of Google Guaranteed for Local Service Providers

What is Google Guaranteed?

Google Guaranteed is an exciting new feature that you should be aware of! It helps consumers quickly find home service providers that have been thoroughly vetted, so they can feel confident when booking services online.

The process involves Google verifying the business with a background check on its Trade Association and insurance qualifications, as well as reviews from customers.

Once these are completed, marketers and digital marketing professionals will receive the exclusive Google Guaranteed badge next to their business profile. This indicates to customers that the business is safe and reliable for them to use.

Perks of having Google Guaranteed

Google Guaranteed offers businesses peace of mind with its stringent standards for Google Ads and verified merchants. Having this guarantee helps marketers know that the services they are promoting are provided by trusted and verified businesses, so marketers can confidently advertise them without worrying about any impact on their online reputation.

Additionally, marketers who participate increase their visibility as Google builds an exclusive group of trusted brands that get elevated throughout advertising and search platforms. For marketers focused on client satisfaction, Google Guaranteed is an essential component of a successful digital marketing strategy.

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How to get it?

Getting Google Guaranteed is a great way for marketers and digital marketing professionals to build trust with potential customers. To get this status, marketers must first complete a three-step application process.

This includes submitting evidence of business legitimacy, having valid licenses, and adhering to professional and ethical standards. Upon completion of the application process, marketers are given the opportunity to be part of Google’s exclusive partner program where they benefit from greater access to resources and increased visibility on search engines like Google.

Joining Google Guaranteed allows marketers to maintain customer loyalty by being part of a trusted network of accredited marketers who keep up with best practices in the digital marketing industry.

Google Guaranteed has helped many businesses soar to success! Google Guaranteed is Google’s way of connecting reliable service providers with potential customers. It gives peace of mind to those who are unsure about certain services, as Google has done background checks for them. Many businesses have been able to benefit from increased trust and visibility.

Google had already done some of the due diligence on their behalf. Clearly, Google Guaranteed is great for business and puts minds at ease when it comes to trusting certain services!

Tips on how to make the most out of Google Guaranteed

To get the most out of Google Guaranteed, it’s important to make sure all your Google qualifications are up-to-date and that you follow Google’s guidelines. Additionally, staying on top of Google reviews, offering incentives for positive reviews, and preventing negative reviews can create a positive experience for customers. Investing in advertising can also help drive more customers to your business with Google guaranteed. With these tips, Google guaranteed can be an invaluable resource for businesses looking to stand out from the competition.


Q1: What is Google Guaranteed?

A: Google Guaranteed is a verification program that allows local service providers, such as plumbers, locksmiths, and house cleaners, to offer their services to customers through Google Local Services. To become Google Guaranteed, businesses must pass a background check, have a physical storefront, and follow Google’s guidelines for service quality and customer satisfaction.

Q2: How does Google Guaranteed benefit businesses?

A: By becoming Google Guaranteed, businesses can increase their visibility and credibility on Google, attract more customers, and stand out from competitors. Google Guaranteed businesses are eligible to receive leads from customers who are searching for their services on Google, and they can also display the Google Guaranteed badge on their website and in their Google My Business listing.

Q3: How does Google Guaranteed benefit customers?

A: For customers, Google Guaranteed offers peace of mind and protection when hiring local service providers. Customers can feel confident that they are hiring a reputable and trustworthy business, as Google Guaranteed businesses must pass a background check and meet certain service quality standards. In the event that a customer is not satisfied with the service they receive from a Google Guaranteed business, they may be eligible for a refund through Google’s Guarantee program.

Q4: Is there a cost to become Google Guaranteed?

A: Yes, there is a cost associated with becoming Google Guaranteed. Businesses must pay a fee to have their business background checked and to participate in the program. The cost varies based on the type of business and the location.

Q5: Is Google Guaranteed available in all locations?

A: No, Google Guaranteed is currently only available in certain cities in the United States. The availability of the program may also vary by service type and business category.

To Sum Up!

Google Guaranteed is a great way for businesses to bring in more foot traffic and inject needed life into their company. Just like the two businesses we showcased, any serious business looking to expand its reach should absolutely look into obtaining their Google Guarantee. It’s easy, the benefits can be seen quickly, and with a bit of creativity, you can find more customers who are looking for your service or product.

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