5 Reasons You Need to Choose a Professional Trip Planner


There are tour planners and then there are tour poppers! Recently, I stumbled into the latter which made me and my friends question our existence and made us swear on never moving an inch from home for any trip whatsoever!

I am talking about my recent trip to Kund Malir Beach and Hingol with FHM Adventures. Since after the trip, I have been asking myself why one should always review the tour planners before signing up with them. So here are all the reasons you need to choose a professional trip planner.

No Forced Sight Seeing

The professional ones will make sure the scheduled itinerary is followed and will not force any additional sightseeing without your consent.


What the Hunger!

The good ones will properly arrange the meals as in the itinerary and will make sure you have them on time instead of leaving you famished for the almost the whole day or dropping you at a dhaba to get food. Not that we mind dhaba food but it was not previously communicated.


The Delays

There will be way fewer delays if you arrange private trips unless of course, an unexpected situation arises. Instead of reaching the destination, you won’t be stranded in the dhaba for an eternity for nothing.


Hostage Situation

Comfort shouldn’t really be expected during such trips because the focus is on being flexible and exploring new places, but you won’t in anyway feel hostage without even any water if you planned it yourself.

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Failed Bonfire!

The bonfire won’t be reduced to the failed attempts at setting up the camps as ultimately the sun comes up.
You won’t have to request the organizers to drop you right back home. As unfortunate as it may sound, this was exactly what we wanted.


Only the company of good friends and those beautiful virgin mountains across Hingol and Kund Malir beach and waters will keep you going under the above situation.

With friends who saved the day despite everything!

If you were also bitten by a badly managed trip, you can whine in the comments as much as you want. *virtual hug*

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