Eight ways of coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Well, it’s that part of the year, which I dread the most! Though winter hardly stays a week in Karachi but the winter hues start to appear way earlier; weather goes dry, blues hang in the air, and seasonal affective order kicks in hard! All those, who suffer this, will definitely understand how frustrating, depressing, and gloomy this phase can be! When all you want to do is sleep, cry, stuff your mouth with everything edible, and gain a few pounds! Disastrous, right?

Well, I have been struggling with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) for quite some time, so I keep reading umpteen articles, tips and self help guide in my attempt of coping with it. Trust me; a few of the tips have really helped. So I decided to share these here in the form of this image which you can easily share with your friends. I am sure these tips will help you remaining calm and cheerful throughout the season.

ways to cope with seasonal effective disorder

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