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Lately, I have been jewelry shopping more than usual, and luckily I found some really gorgeous pieces that too at a price which didn’t break my pocket. I want to show off a little here by sharing the recent jewelry haul that is inspiring me to be upbeat for the month of March. I have mentioned the price and the place where I got each piece from so you can also splurge some money following my lead *I am evil I know*. Have a look here:

XO Pendant 


This is such a quirky pendant that I enjoy pairing it with almost every top. The frequency with which I wear it will soon turn it into one of my vital organs or probably its going to be etched into my skin like a tattoo! I got this at the Crafter’s Expo from Iff’s collection last year. Her collection is mostly contemporary and follows fun patterns coupled with quotes and symbols.

Brand: Iff’s Collection

Price: Rs. 800

Bell Jhumkay

I found them at a Jelwery kiosk at Dolmen Mall Clifton recently. I was looking for small cute Jumhkay which I can wear to work–yes they are quite trending nowadays with even western wear– I think this pair is quite interesting as I can earily wear it with kurtis and tops at the same time. Also, I can never be overdressed flaunting them especially to work as they are not gaudy for desi jhumkay, but definitely chic!

Brand: Unbranded

Price: Rs. 250

Mismatched Earrings


This year is all about mismatched earrings! No matter how awkward the trend might look to some, I find it absolutely hot and unique. I came across this pair at Nishat store and decided to buy it in just 3 seconds. The lone long earring here adds drama to the look especially if you pull it off with a hair bun and lob-sided hair. Yes, it is a little expensive but quite a keeper for me. Also, if you don’t have an instant urge of owning such a pair, head to Aliexpress for a lot of similar options. I am doing the same for a few more mismatched pairs now!

Brand: Nishat

Price: Rs. 1850

Multicolored String Necklace



It quite a delight when sometimes, you end up scoring really amazing jewelry from the contemporary clothing stores.

I am fond of string necklaces in general because they turn even the simplest attires riveting!  I got this multicolored necklace at Yellow from sale recently. Tinitialial price was Rs. 1600 and got this for Rs. 800. A great dig for sure!

Brand: Yellow Clothing

Price: Rs. 800



I dont usually wear golden jewelry but could not put this stunning ring down that I recently received in an invitation by Varah Musavvir for her event The Bohemian Crunch. This is an absolute charm with beautoful Kalima engravement. Although I have to be extra careful about keeping it and also while wearing it, I love this gorgeous piece to bits.

Brand: Aneesa Unus

Price: Received it as a PR gesture

If you ask me, I can’t pick a favorite as all of these pieces are drool-worthy! What is one bauble you are obsessing over these days?


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